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Searching where to get fashion inspiration websites for ideas and tips? See the best to follow and the worst to avoid because of their low quality content. Ever admired stylish women’s outfits wondering where they get their creativity? Ever asked yourself which are the best fashion inspiration websites? Today I am going to show you where these websites are and how to use them to get your daily attire ideas.

Creativity in fashion can have many resources. It can be a great book, it can be a walk in town for street fashion, it can be a look through a website. Fashion inspiration can be found in many places, but not all are equal. The important part is looking at high quality resources. But what is actually tasteful? I have gathered for you the best and worst concepts and websites, so that you can get your outfit ideas every day.


As I have mentioned before, there are multiple places to get inspired from. But this diversity of information also means that you risk being confused by so many experts and their advice. You also risk in not finding your own style. No one wants their outfits to look like a mess.

Therefore, I have asked my friend and celebrity stylist Anna Von Klein: “Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? What are your secrets in never running out of outfit ideas and in the same time not looking ridiculous?”. She said that the secret is to combine multiple resources that are good into a certain order.


With the expansion of the Internet, the online space has become a true gold mine for ideas. If you know where to look, you can find true knowledge gems. This is true also regarding style. Luckily, there are websites that have gathered many articles. However, while some resources are free, Anna recommends that you invest into a fashion course.

A fashion course is great for outfit ideas and concepts. It will give you the basics to understand colors, shapes and layers. The best part is that the info is verified and written by an expert, so you won’t waste time on wrong advice. After you complete it, you will understand much better the reasoning behind creating a lookbook. This is a very important step that will help you a lot.


The next website that will be a great ally for you in finding style creativity is an online book store. How is that possible? Anna especially choose three books as the go-to resources if you want to truly grasp fashion concepts and be the ultimate lookbook creator yourself.

  • First of all, read this book by Christian Dior, a fashion genius. While written many years ago, it encapsulated key concepts that will always be relevant. It saves you a lot of time too as it resumes past trends that could be hundreds of pages long otherwise. History is important in understanding modern trends.
  • Secondly, for a contemporary perspective, read the guide about how to get dressed. It is written by a costume designer that shares her secrets to making clothes look and feel amazing in an outfit.

The worst you can do is to download some random books online, that you do not know what their fashion credentials are.


Visual platforms have transformed how we search for images. One of the best ones for fashion inspiration is Pinterest. A lot of stylists but also regular folks search for beautiful imagery using it. Anna recommends a fashion inspiration board, as it can provide some great outfit ideas. The important tip is to follow good profiles and to have a quality base to start with. The better the quality of pins that you follow, the better the future suggestions will be. In the boards of this Pinterest profile you will find great resources to other profiles too.

pinterest style ideas

The less quality alternative is Google image search, which I do not recommend because it is not curated like Pinterest.


Another good platform to get guided by are fashion magazines. Curated by editors, they reflect the latest trends. You can buy from newsstands or online for your convenience. Style mags are amazing because they provide fresh but also professional advice, from the point of view of different writers. This diversity gives an extended base of creative outfit ideas. Therefore, magazines are a good answer to the question of where to get your fashion inspiration from.

Still related to them, are their online websites. Most have hundreds of articles, such as Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia etc.


Fashion blogs are another nice resource where to find style inspo. Their lookbook posts can be filled with ideas and most put also the links, so you can replicate the outfit.

lookbook fashion Inspiration
lookbook fashion Inspiration


If you want a specific inspo, you can search more in-depth for categories such as shoes. Reviews, haul or informational articles can provide good ideas that will inspire you.

shoes inspiration
shoes inspiration


No outfit can be complete without jewelry. Again, you can find inspo in hauls or reviews.

jewelry inspiration
jewelry inspiration


Talking about style blogs, a specific resource for inspiration apart from the lookbook posts can be the fashion reviews articles. The majority show a haul of clothing and their opinion along with it, showing outfits.

fashion reviews
daily fashion inspiration
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