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If you are searching for Zaful reviews, read my 100% honest article. Is Zaful legit? Is it a scam? I will tell you all about, along with photograph of the clothing I have received in my orders.

Zaful.com is an online fashion shop, similar to Shein and Romwe. It is however not as popular and smaller in clothing quantities, but still with lots of styles to choose from. Their products are designed for women or men, each with their own section. In their shop you can purchase dresses, jeans, bikinis, shoes etc, at a much better price than most online websites.


Is Zaful a trusted website? When looking to place an order online, every fashionista asks herself if the store is a scam or is legit. This is because these types of stores have beautiful photographs of clothing, at discounted prices. Are you wondering if this is too good to be true?

Looking at other reviews online, Zaful managed to get an almost 4 star reviews average on Trustpilot. It seems that the majority had a good shopping experience with them. On Reddit, the opinions were mixed. It made me even more curious and I decided to order myself too and write about Zaful after as another of my fashion reviews.

I have personally placed a few orders while online shopping at Zaful.com. Based on my experience and on the products I have received, I can tell you of the bat that I believe that the store is legitimate. They did not try to scam me. I did hear of people that never received their orders, but that was not the case with my products.

But is Zaful good quality? Please keep reading to find out.


A sign of a reputable store is if they accept certain payment methods, which can be verified. What I mean by this is legitimate companies such as Visa, MasterCard, Paypal etc. Each time I pay my order from Zaful, I use Paypal. The store provides other methods too, such as credit cards and such, but I prefer Paypal because in case of a dispute, it can investigate and help.

Based on my logic, if Zaful would be a scam, it would have been banned long time ago from these payment providers.


Every time I placed an order, my items arrived completely. No item was missing and that was a first good sign. Their prices are low and I was expecting mediocre stuff. But after trying them on, I realized that Zaful clothing is actually surprisingly nice for the price paid.

As you can see from my Zaful haul photographs:

  • The jeans were true to size and very stretchy. This made them easy to wear and one of my favourite pairs! Great value for money! When shopping for jeans and pants, I recommend that you search for a material that stretches and has polyester in it. Those kind of fabrics provide a larger size range and will avoid not fitting.
  • The sunglasses are so elegant! For under 5 dollars they look stylish and much more expensive. They use a sturdy plastic and aren’t flimsy. I received a lot of compliments wearing them.
  • The white wallet is one of the products that I have used for months. I even washed it a couple of times, until it got too worn out. It is made of fake leather, an aspect that will make animal lovers very glad. Zaful actually has a lot of fake leather products, which makes it an ethical store, at least in this regard.
  • The sandals are by far the best product of my orders! I still wear them and they look gorgeous! I cannot describe you the great quality they have. On another store, I would have paid easily USD 100, but on Zaful they were less than USD 30.

The materials that the store uses are quite nice. They are also well made, as none of my items had ugly stitching, neither was it badly glued on. The clothing products are wearable and fashionable. I did not sense any unpleasant smell when opening the order.


How did all these products from Zaful fit me? In my opinion, Zaful is true to size. However, I recommend that you buy a size larger, so in case it doesn’t fit, you can always tailor it a bit.

What did I do before ordering? For easier guidance, I took a good look at their sizing chart. They have US, UK and EU sizes, for women and for men. I like that there are also instructions on how to measure yourself, which came in handy.


The clothing and overall all products in Zaful are new. Zaful doesn’t sell second hand clothing, as it is a new online clothing store only. What it can rarely happen is however the situation when a customer has tried on an item and sent it back for a refund. This type of shopping situations do happen also in malls and other stores with physical locations.


Zaful clothing has good prices to start with. Moreover, they can get even better with the use of promo codes, which you can find on the upper banner of their website at Zaful.com. Having such well priced affordable items, it is very tempting to order and see at least one package for yourself.


Zaful shipping is not the fastest I have ever experienced, but also not the slowest. For me it took around 2 weeks to arrive, but it depends on your country. Their shipping service is available in the US, Canada, UK and almost all over the world. You simply have to enter Zaful.com and it will automatically redirect you to your region’s website and language.

Zaful offers international shipping. After a certain amount, it also offers free shipping. The amount varies by country and depends on the total value of the items.

Regarding the way the items were packed, Zaful doesn’t have fancy boxes to ship into. They usually put the products into a postal plastic bag. The only boxes they have is for shoes, which they also place in the bag. This kind of packaging is ok for transportation, as it protects from water and light scratches. However, it is not a sturdy packaging for shipping.

Further talking about my review of shipping, Zaful doesn’t provide an ethical solution. The plastic postal bag, along with sometimes individual plastic wraps for clothing items increase the environment pollution. Maybe Zaful will think of this aspect and provide more ecological packaging in the future.


If you are wondering where is Zaful located and where does it ship from, I can tell you that it is from Asia, in China. This is the reason why shipping is not the fastest. In the orders I have placed for my review, the items all came from China.


While I loved all my items, you might be relieved to know that Zaful offers a refund policy. In 30 days of receiving your products, you can contact customer service to see how to ship them back. There are of course rules, which you can read in their return policy. Keep in mind that the return shipping is not free.

As I previously said, I did not need to return anything, so I cannot review their return services.


However, I did contact customer support and they were nice. Not the best at speaking English, but always polite. It was enough to understand each other and you could tell that their employees do try their best to help customers. I noticed that they have Live Chat for pre-sale inquiries only. I did message them with a question about my order after I placed it on their ticket platform.

If you do not get a reply in 48 hours, I suggest that you write to them again. If you have a problem with your order, also be pro active and try to solve it. Resorting to your payment provider is the last resort in case of no reply or no solution by the store.


After placing many Zaful orders, I thought about my absolute favourite items I would repurchase from them and recommend to my best friends. Here is my selection below:


Based on my orders, my overall impression of Zaful is positive. I think that their prices are cheap. I loved the quality of their products and I was pleasantly surprised of how amazing their shoes and jeans are. While shipping could use to get faster, it is still an ok waiting time and it is a small complaint.

With pros and cons, Zaful.com manages to be among my favourite online shopping stores on a budget. It is a great option if you are looking to get a nicer wardrobe without spending a fortune. I did not see any major bad issues, as all the purchases were honestly nice.

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You can take advantage of their discount promo codes, one of them being available as a pop-up banner when you visit their website at Zaful.com. Did you know that Zaful is also available on Amazon?

Zaful reviews

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