I am honored and proud that my blog is nominated in the category for Young Divas in Beauty Blogging. I want to thank you all so much for supporting me and to wish good luck to the other contestants.

As my fans, you already know that I do not see the word Diva in the title as arrogant, but as a metaphor for high quality photographs and articles. My blog is and will always be not about myself in the limelight but about sharing honest opinions, wonderful products, advise. I always respected my readers and you are my divas (in the good, caring way) because you will always get the best I can in my blog project.

Thank you so much! You can vote for me at http://vote.evensys.ro/en/subscribe/ . Put your email there and check your inbox. Open the new email from Digital Divas and click on the link inside. It will take you to the voting page. On the Young Divas in Beauty Blogging, choose my blog The Daily Fashion Inspiration, to support me.

Thank you so much!



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