I will tell you all about X Jewellery, the shop featuring links bracelet designs (plus the sale coupon, review, fitting and charm meaning). Let’s discover together the powerful story behind my new bracelet.


I was having coffee with one of my friends, Matilda, when I noticed the beautiful and unique bracelet she had. It was made using an anchor chain design. She started telling me about how the chain is a symbol of power, of spiritual bonding. This power is linked to the strength of a woman. I loved the deep meaning of the bracelet and I wanted to find out who is the brave and thoughtful brand behind the idea.

x jewellery bracelet

Matilda told me that X Jewellery, based in Denmark and having a shop at xjewellery.com (click here to see their shop), were having a variety of over 70 links that anyone can use to create a unique bracelet and to my relief, they ship internationally.  Their shop brand also has created a foundation and they give 10% of their sales to help women. So I decided to choose them in expressing my personality and to create my own bracelet.

x jewellery silver charms


x jewellery silver sterling car

x jewellery silver sterling heart




I used the code HappyShoppingFebruary to get a -20% discount. You can also use it too to save when buying charm links from X Jewellery. The product came very quickly by post, inside a superb black wood box and it has 2 extra links, just in case. 

x jewellery bracelet review





I have browsed the different links and chose these:

  • Flower double silver charm | |  see here (because I love the delicate nature of flowers, their beauty and grace)
  • Car silver charm | |  see here (to express my passion for driving and travelling)
  • Pixel heart silver charm | |   see here (I picked it to symbolize my love for digital art, my fans and my blog)
  • Pastel purple link | |  see here (to give the bracelet a refined gently colored tone)
  • Silver link | |  see here (I loved the beauty of the dark and light tones, it gives the bracelet a wonderful depth and contrast)
  • Bronze link | |  see here (add luxury golden tones, which enhance the other charms)

x jewellery review giveaway




In order to create the bracelet, I measured my wrist and added 2 cm, so my total was 17 cm. I kept in mind that a single chain measures around 1 cm and the double chain is 2 cm. If you want to create your unique bracelet, calculate the links until you reach the total, then you will also add a lock. If you want to find inspiration, I highly advice you to look at the already made X Jewellery bracelet designs (click here).

x jewellery trollbeads





As a thank you for my readers, X Jewellery has a gorgeous giveaway on my social media channels. Just check each of the profiles below. Good luck!

x jewellery bracelet designs


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