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What consignment has used luxury handbags? Where to buy second hand designer bags? Shopping pre owned bags is great if you avoid certain stores. But which ones? In my article, you will learn what are the best placed to shop for used handbags but also which are the worst stores to stay away from. If you do not want to miss this info, please continue reading.


Despite the desire to have the finer things in life, there is an even greater desire for a fashionphile to get them at a great price. However, being fashionable does not mean breaking the bank. As a society, we associate money with designer labels or higher priced items. It’s no wonder that advertising for designer handbags is aimed to promote items that are exclusive or unattainable for some.

This type of advertisement only peaks the interest and makes you want these items even more.

Luckily, high end items don’t have to be unattainable or priced so high that you cannot afford them. There is a way to obtain designer handbags that are authentic and are made of high-quality materials without wrecking your budget. One way to sport these highly fashionable and well-known items is buying used or vintage handbags.


Used branded second hand bags for sale can be either from recent past collections or older. Modern but also vintage second hand bag shopping can be so much fun. You’re able to find some of the cutest, hottest and hippest items at the best prices. The idea of purchasing an item, using it and being able to resell it is totally awesome.

Where to find the best selection of used handbags really depends on who you ask. Some people prefer to shop online whereas others like real-time shopping. Some of the ways to purchase used handbags include:

  • Online consignment shops
  • Online retailers
  • Online auction sites
  • Brick-and-mortar locations


There are a number of ways you could purchase used luxury handbags. One of them are second hand stores. I love the concept of buying vintage designer items, wearing them to a special event and then returning them back to the store only to collect a new designer piece. With this type of shopping, I can always stay stylish while maintaining my budget. Can you imagine doing this at a regular retail store? I could only imagine their management would have security standing by ready to escort you out of the store. With this consignment concept, buying, selling and exchanging vintage pieces are easy and effortless.


Another great way to find high quality used designer handbags is on the Internet. This is one of the easiest and most convenient places to shop for pre owned collections.

There are a host of companies online that specialize in used or vintage designer pieces. These companies go through a rigorous screening process to ensure that each piece they sell is authentic and of high-quality. Most of these companies require each seller to provide some proof of the product’s authenticity. This type of shopping ensures that you’re getting a genuine designer handbag that can maintain its value if you choose to sell it back to them.

Couture USA (https://coutureusa.com/collections/louis-vuitton) is an excellent example of an online designer resale boutique. They sell some of the most highly sought-after and highly demanded designer handbags. A simple online search, using words like “designer handbags” or “vintage handbags”, yields numerous results for high end fashion items that could fit well within your budget.

consignment shops luxury bags


While the Internet can be a great place to find an used fashion item, there are places which I do not recommend. The main reason is that they are not verified. Therefore, the chances of you being scammed there are far higher than from a purchase on a reputable luxury resale website. The worst places to order vintage handbags are:

  • Facebook Market
  • Craigslist


When in search of a used designer handbag, it is important to purchase them from retailers that have a solid reputation. It’s not hard to find out if a second hand or consignment retailer has a bad reputation.

A simple search online for a company’s information can give you all of the details of how they do business, the type of products they sell and any positive or negative reviews about the company. There are websites that are solely dedicated to reviewing these types of online resale operations.

The designer bag that you purchase and where you purchase it from are equally as important. It would be a shame if you thought you purchased a genuine and authentic used handbag only to find it is a fake. Some websites can be highly useful to you in your search for that perfect used designer bag. These websites breakdown how easy it is for a seller to offer a product, the commissions so sell that product and their area of expertise.

You want to make sure you are purchasing your handbag from a consignment seller that specializes in selling, what else, used designer handbags. This could ensure that you’re getting the best product for the price you’re paying.


Are the pre owned handbags sold in stores authentic? This is a question that every consignment shopper has at some point in time. Each consignment or resale establishment has their own authentication processes. It is important that you know and understand what that process is. What better way to find out then to ask. Of course, if you are shopping online, you may not have an actual person to talk to. Therefore, reading the information on a specific website in great detail will give you insight on how each product is hand selected and chosen.

Some online auction sites have a different authentication method. To ensure the products are authentic, many of these online auction sites will mark the item as such. In your search to find the perfect used designer handbag, it is essential that you search for the words” authenticity verify” to ensure that the item you’re about to invest in is legitimate. These words mean the auction site stands behind the products that they’re selling. If, in the event, you find out later that your item is not authentic you are able to hold that establishment responsible for selling a fake item.

Other ways to determine if your item is authentic, is to simply search for the item online. Gather as much information about this product prior to your purchase. Once you have all the information, simply enter the details of the desired handbag and review what makes that item authentic. As an avid vintage shopper, you can create your own criteria for selecting high-end and high-quality used designer handbags.

In conclusion, shopping for branded second hand bags for sale can be an amazing experience, if you follow my advice above.

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