Hi dear readers, welcome to my honest Soufeel blog review. Today I want to share with you an amazing bracelet from Soufeel, adorned with 925 sterling silver charms that are perfect for summer. I will present each so please keep reading to find out why I have picked them. This is also to help you … Continue Reading

  Hi my dear readers, Today I have a special jewelry post prepared for you, filled with 5 beautiful charms, animations and the story behind each of them. The packaging review was previously posted here, so today I am going to reveal my bracelet charms choices and reasons. Curious to read them? Please join me … Continue Reading

Hi dear readers, Today I have a special unboxing that might get you curious ( I now you already are hehe). The package is from Soufeel, which is a company that sells over 500 designs of 925 sterling silver charms, along with bracelets and other jewelry. They were founded in 2011 and ship internationally, with free … Continue Reading