Mon Evidence is the new perfume for women from Yves Rocher. What does it smell like? How does it compare with Comme une Evidence? What season is it suited for? Do you wonder what are Mon Evidence ingredients or price? Is it worth purchasing? I will tell you all about it in my fragrance review. … Continue Reading

Pacifica Mediterranean fig perfume review is today’s blog post topic. I will tell you my honest opinion, describing the scent and ingredients. How much it lasts? What does it smells like? What is the price? Let’s discover.   PACIFICA MEDITERRANEAN FIG PERFUME REVIEW First of all, let me tell you about the brand. Pacifica is … Continue Reading

My day started with a wish to brighten the cold mood, so I perfumed myself with Amaltea Winter. The scent of frosty flowers, snow white peonies, gardenia and iris slowly filled the room. They are some of the head and middle notes of this perfume, covering my senses. RO: Ziua mea începuse cu dorinţa de a … Continue Reading

Dear reader, today I want you to join me in knowing more about niche perfumes. Let’s see what they mean and why they are special. NICHE PERFUMES What does a niche perfume mean? There are two main types of perfumes, based on the number of stores they are sold in and their quantity. So we … Continue Reading