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Read the TRUTH about Shein reviews and Romwe reviews 2019, in the only 100% honest article. You will be surprised to find out that these two stores are from the same mother brand and have the same quality. But are they legit? Are they reliable? Do they offer free returns? What is the quality of their clothing? Is it a scam? We will discuss about every aspect of it, in my haul with photographs of the items I have ordered.

Is Romwe legit? Is Shein legit? Is Romwe a safe site? I ordered Romwe and Shein clothing several times and on today’s review I’m answering you with my honest opinion (2019 update) about: What is the quality of their clothing? Where do they ship from? Are they an USA or Chinese company?

Is it safe to buy from? Many people wonder if it’s too good to be true to be able to purchase pretty clothes at affordable prices. And by low prices, I mean really low prices as just $2 for a pair of earrings or even $5 for a dress. When seeing that you think: “Wow, this is incredible! How is this possible!”. Many fashionistas are excited because it means that they can get many clothing items at the cost of one in the high street.

I’ll answer all questions about and reviews, in my not sponsored article. Did you know there are secrets about this online store? Discover if it’s legit or a scam, along with my honest opinion about the store’s clothing. I want to use my shopping experience to answer the most requested questions regarding this store, in the biggest complete guide to date on the Internet. Besides that, I have also read hundreds of customer reviews, so this huge guide is meant to make sure you do not need to read another one after, answering all your questions here.

First of all, let’s discuss an important but largely untalked about aspect: the Romwe and Shein reviews of the website’s experience. Their online shops are very similar, well structured and with nice images of people modelling their clothes. It seems now that the stores hire photographers to take pictures of the items instead of gathering images from other stores, which is great! Another nice aspect is that they have models with all types of features, a lovely sign of inclusivity.

Second of all, I wanted to create a Romwe review also talking about the prices. The shop’s prices are low, being an affordable brand. I think this is a great asset, because many people are on a budget or do not want to spend a fortune on clothing. As a fast-fashion website, this store’s aim is achieved, providing nice clothes for low prices.

In the clothing section, both shop sell:

  • Tops (t-shirts, tank tops & camis, blouses, women tops)
  • Bodysuits
  • Dresses
  • Bottoms (shorts, pants, skirts, leggings)
  • Jumpsuits
  • Co-ords (two-piece outfits)
  • Denim (denim shorts, jeans, denim skirts, denim jackets, denim tops, denim dresses, denim overalls, denim two-piece outfits)
  • Suits & Separates (blazers)
  • Sweatshirts
  • Coats & Jackets (outerwear, jackets)
  • Arabian clothing
  • Sweathers & Cardigans (sweaters, knit tops, sweater dresses, cardigans, sweater co-ords, sweater skirts, sweater pants)

The main difference is that Shein clothing has many more items than Romwe clothing. Shein’s online shop is bigger.

As a reminder, this article is not sponsored and all the opinions are my own.


How did I stumble upon My passion for online fashion shopping has begun many years ago. I was looking for nice cheap clothing on the Internet and I stumbled upon a few Asian websites. Among them was Shein (at that time known as Sheinside).

Since then, I have placed many orders, with interesting results. In this way, I have decided to share my findings with other fashionistas like you, to provide complete reviews. Therefore, today I will talk about my honest Shein review, but also help you decide if this is a fashion brand that you want to include in your wardrobe.

Is Shein worth it? I hope that my haul will be your advice in whether you decide to purchase from them or not.

When we talk about this store, I think it is important to not only review its recent orders, but to also chat about the previous ones. Shein’s evolution is interesting to watch. Overall, from all my orders I have shopped for these categories: dresses, rompers, shoes, tops, skirts and lingerie. Here are some of my recent ordered items: 

Shein dress review
shein swimwear reviews


What do people think about Shein? If we also take a look at reviews online, TrustPilot seems to feature mostly positive ones. Sitejabber is more balanced, with both good and bad opinions about this online store. Regarding the positive aspects, people praise the low prices, huge range, inclusivity of plus sizes and fast shipping from warehouses.

On the other hand, the negative reviews bash slow shipping, poor clothing quality or missing orders. Comparing several other such websites, Shein reviews are mostly positive.

While there are good and bad opinions online, you have to judge an outlet based on your own experience. If a store is reputable or not is judged upon how well your own order went. That is a very personal opinion and it can be very subjective.


My first Shein order was around 2012, when after seeing so many beautiful images, I decided to try and check out their quality. I chose their items because they seemed budget-friendly and looked fashionable. Oh, what pretty dresses they showed online!

Back then, things were different. Shein was mostly a new website, with a growing customer base. Their shipping was slow, the customer support spoke a not so great English and they had many issues to deal with. People complained about clothing being made in China, taking forever to arrive or having a bad smell. Others wrote in their reviews in the past that Shein clothing had a lot of poor stitching, lose threads and wrong sizes.

I wanted to see if all those claims were true, so I put an online order. I was afraid that based on those reviews, my clothes were going to arrive looking terrible and that I would not be able to wear them. I really was hoping it would not be a scam. All those negative reviews made me cautious. I was waiting for a few weeks.

Then the first parcel arrived. It was into a postal black plastic bag and inside the items were packed individually in another transparent plastic cover. Not the best environmentally friendly packaging but it kept the items well. I then opened it to find out if Shein is legit or not.

As such, from my personal orders back then, I noticed that their clothing was pretty, mostly with ok quality. The majority of the dresses I have received are still in my closet and there were definitely some fashion gems in my orders! Maybe I got lucky and ended up with a good batch, but my shopping experience with them even for their old website was not very negative. Items I did not problems with were some tops that were too large and some pants that were made from a material that was too see-through. 

Shein white embroidered blouse review

Other first time order items were some great pair of sandals. I wear them even today! I was surprised of how good they are. Such great bargain. They looked a lot more expensive than their low price. I think that was the initial appeal of Shein, to be able to shop trendy clothes even if you cannot afford to spend a lot of money. 


My most recent order included this beautiful coat. It is soft, elegant and most importantly it keeps me warm. The fabric is not cheap at all! I love how it has weight and it doesn’t look flimsy. It has all the qualities of a good coat, at an affordable price. I was pleasantly surprised by how expensive it actually looks, closing stylishly with a belt. It adds a touch of elegance to any Spring or Autumn out, even for Winter if you travel by car. Also, the grey color is gorgeous, making it a staple wardrobe piece that can be easily matched with many clothing items.

I also ordered this gorgeous skirt, which fitted me a bit big but this is an issue I get with most fashion products because my waist is small. The problem was easily solved with a few sowing threads. What I liked about it was the velvety look it had in photos and I am pleased that it also feels nice for real. The fabric is of good quality, the length is not too short or too long. Overall, it is a skirt I plan to wear often.

Another product is this cute shirt. It is really well done, with a great fabric. Even if it is not lined, it is not too see-through. The bow adds a nice feminine element to it, creating an interesting piece of clothing. I enjoy how it can be casual or elegant, based on what other items you pair it with into your outfit. The popular items go out of stock fast, but you can find similar bow tie shirts on their website as their selection is huge. 

Continuing the unboxing of my order, the necklace is another great purchase. Made from alloy and costing just $2, it looks amazing! The style is simple but striking, reminding me of luxury products that are a lot more expensive. This is proof that cheap fast fashion websites can exist and they can save you money. 

Shein has changed a lot since it was founded. I believe, based on my own review of their products and services, that they improved in many aspects. Customers service employees are better trained and know a higher level of English than previously. They also added a return policy, which was absent in their first years of business.

Furthermore, warehouses were created, to reduce shipping times. Regarding their quality, Shein has also improved it. From many more trendy styles, to including plus sizes, to sowing better designs.

I also love the fact that now they take their own photographs of the products. If in the past that was not the case, the new shop has models that present their dresses, rompers, coats etc.

Another cool fact is that they also feature the model’s measurements, so customers can have a sense of sizing. In this way, it is easier to imagine if the product might fit you or not in that size. 

shein reviews


Specifically, I will talk about the women’s section. This fashion shop has different categories, from dresses to swimwear, shoes and bags. To be exact, this shop features categories such as: New, Clothing, Denim, Lingerie and Sleep, Swim, Shoes & Bags, Accessories, Sale and Brand. There are new categories added depending on the season and celebration. For example, for Winter you will see Winter 2019 and Christmas sections.

I personally have placed Romwe orders for dresses, jumpsuits, tops, pants and skirts. Some of the items I have ordered from them can be seen in my photographs below.


Are clothes from Romwe good? Are Shein clothes worth it? Their prices are low but so is the fabric’s quality. Most items are made of polyester, which is not a good fabric for the skin. The items that had a good design had low quality fabrics and the items that had better quality fabrics had a cheap sewing.

How long does their clothing last? It depends on the item, but for example, the jumpsuit above is still in my closet and the colors are vibrant. I have worn it during Autumn and Spring, becoming a wardrobe essential.

Regarding transparency, some fabrics can be a bit see-through, as was the case with this gorgeous jumpsuit below. Especially white fabrics tend to be a little transparent, so if you love the item, I advise you to wear white lingerie underneath.



Shein is a fast fashion shop online, formerly known as Sheinside. Their shop name is sometimes misspelled as Shien and they changed their old branding in 2015, to this current shorter version. It was founded in 2008, by Chris Xu. The company has mainly women’s apparel but includes also men’s fashion, shoes, bags, home decor and accessories. The company also has a huge online following, with over 8 million fans on Instagram and 13 million in Facebook. The pretty lookbooks and the bloggers promotion, along with ads has helped attract customers. The outlet’s concept is to provide fast fashion at low prices, while creating trendy designs.


Romwe is a shop which offers a nice variety of clothing for women, but also for men. All their items are new, as the shop does not sell second hand products. This online shop was created in 2010 and sells only online. The aim was to be a fast-fashion global online store and in 2011 it launched its international website and app. In 2013, it opened its first branched office in the United States.

Romwe entered the United States market in 2017 and in 2018, it launched plus size and home & living products.
The shop has a large social media following, with over 4 million Facebook fans. It claims to design, source, market and sell its products worldwide. It declared that it is dedicated to the ethical and humane production of their items and while most people know it for women fashion, the shop also sells men fashion.

For the ones of you searching for Romwe company details, I was able to research and find out public information such as the name: Romwe Inc. They have an United Stated address for this company, but keep in mind that the overall company is international and has several offices worldwide.

Where does Shein and Romwe ship from?

Their shipping has caused some people to wonder where does Shein or Romwe ship from. They send their items from China, then redirect them to different warehouses. This explains why they take a lot of time to arrive for some packages and little time for others.

Can you return clothes from Shein?

What if you purchase and you are unhappy about a product? You will be glad to know that Shein returns can be made in 60 days of the purchase date of most items. In the past, returns were not possible, but now things are different. There are however rules that you must follow to be able to send back the products that you do not wish to keep. The products must not be washed or worn for longer periods of time. You can off course try on the clothing first to see if it fits.

Does Romwe offer free returns and exchanges?

You have 60 days to return defective or unworn items, but you have to pay for the shipping. You can of course try things on to see if they fit or if you like them. However, the shop does not accepts returns of worn or washed items. Moreover, it only refunds you the value of the items, not including the original shipping, the return shipping and the insurance. How long does Romwe take to refund? It claims to take around 5 days to refund you after they receive the package back.

What can you return to Shein and Romwe?

As with the majority of shops, there are certain category of items that cannot be returned, for hygiene reasons. The items that cannot be sent back are: bodysuits, swimwear, jewelry, lingerie & sleepwear personal & health care and accessories (except scarves, bags and mermaid blankets).

Are Romwe clothes true to size?

Does it run big or small? Should you size up on? Remember to always check the size chart provided in the Romwe clothing description. However, from what I have experienced and from what other reviews I have read, Romwe clothes tend to be small so I advise you to order a bigger size. In case it is too big, you can have it altered. This shop’s general size ranges from S to XL.

Do Shein sizes run small?

From my experience, clothing from Shein runs small. While this does not apply to all clothes, 40% of the time I have found this to be true. Therefore, I recommend checking your sizing with the size chart on their website.

Is Romwe for plus size women?

Yes, Romwe has a special plus size category with over 3000 products and 15 categories. Their plus size clothing varies from 0XL to 5XL. I like that they have many modern designs, from dresses to pants. Romwe’s plus size range featured both classic items but also the latest daring trends. If you are a plus size woman, this is a nice place to shop at a budget, while keeping fashionable. I know that many stores do not have plus size items at all or they carry outdated or ugly designs. This is not the case with Romwe. Them embracing different sizes and body shapes is very nice.


Shein is a legit fast fashion website, with a large variety of women’s clothing. Their prices are low, being an affordable and trendy online shop. Being a genuine retailer, they do send their orders and are generally reliable. I do not think they would have lasted so many years if they were a scam.

Do I like Shein? Do I trust them? Would I buy again from them again? My answer is yes! While in the past I had a time where I did not trust their website because of all the negative reviews, now I see they really tried to improve as a company. Many changes were made since some years ago and I am starting to like them more and more. I would surely buy from them again, at least one more new order, as I love the trendy selection and great prices.


Is Romwe a scam? First of all, let’s clear the fact that it is a real company. Does this online shop send the products sold? Yes, they do. I did receive my items and I wear them even today. Do they exist as a company? Yes, they do. We will talk about its history and quality below.

If you think in purchasing from their store to try at least one order, please make sure to order using Paypal/bank account/credit card, to have an extra backup.

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  1. Thank you so much. I registered on Shein website and have a cart. I got suspicious of the great prices and decided to google. Your review is just what I needed!


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