I often like to add new decorations to my home and I am in search of inspirational items. Lately I love the retro themes, so in this article I am going to show you my most beautiful finds in ceiling lights.


I am fascinated by the idea of a retro touched home, with luxurious golden tones and a bronze finish. The light below is one of my favourites. Its floral elements, along with the glass details make it a perfect choice to add glamour to a living room or even to a kitchen. The fact that is it made of 3 pieces means that the light will spread to a bigger area, suitable for a large room. I imagine this over a beautiful dinning area or around a big sofa with friends.


semi flush ceiling lights




The next choice is still luxurious but it adds a minimalist touch too. Its clean, bold lines make it more masculine, perfect for the hallway or living room. The clear glass is so lovely and will help to spread the light even more in the room. I never seen a similar design before so it is very likely that your guests will be amazed by it.

retro touched home



My last but not least selection from these semi flush ceiling lights is this gorgeous piece. With round shapes and golden glass, it would look amazing in my kitchen. I really love that it includes stained glass! They even added floral details to the chains. Every element of the design is carefully planed, this light having a beautiful proportion. This is great for people that do not like thee light bulb to be visible or they do not like direct light. It creates a pleasant and warm atmosphere light.


golden fixture vintage style

No matter which of these styles I will choose to buy in the future, I am glad to have shared them with you. Let me know in the comment which is your fav.