I want to show you today my latest order, a sea foam dress inspired by the beauty of iridescent pearls tones. I was looking for a very elegant dress, something stunning and impressive, without sequins. I was browsing Vipme.com and I saw this gorgeous dress. Needless to say, I fell in love.

tulips corset dress



The fabric:

It has different layers and the clever combination gives an unique effect. I believe it is inspired by sea foam as the veil is delicate and the pink under it really remind me of the shell’s iridescence. The materials used (mostly chiffon) are of quality, they surely do not feel or look cheap. The sawing is done very well, the dress having an in-built corset. When putting it on, you really need someone to help you dress and undress, please do not try to tie a corset alone as it is dangerous (risk of fainting etc if it is too tight).

sea foam fabric


The design:

The corset in the back is stunning too, it will help you accentuate your waist and create a gorgeous silhouette. The sleeves are good for both skinny or larger upper arms, so if you want to not put focus on that area, this is a good design. Overall it is a dress better suited for autumn-winter because of the layers of fabric that keep warm. The weight is not light, but it is not too heavy either.I especially love the attention to details, as the front ribbon.

back view corset dress


vipme dress review


sea foam ribbon dress



If you follow the size chart in their website, I believe that you will fit well. You can browse on a laptop, tablet or using the app (for IOS: https://goo.gl/2ZIZaG , Android: https://goo.gl/dmFVIO). The corset really makes it perfect if you lose or gain weight, as you can adjust it easily. Unfortunately, this exact model is out of stock, but I have found a similar dress for you. Check out this a-line dress.


sea foam dress vipme review




Use the code EmilyRose2 at www.vipme.com to get $5 OFF on Orders Over $50



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