Relaxing at home? Wonder how to make your house a peaceful retreat? In today’s article, I am going to answer all your questions about that. Lots of people love to take a break from the grind of everyday life and go to a retreat where they can unwind and get away from the relentless pace of living these days. Long hours at work, cell phones, tablets, and other high-tech devices create the kind of stress that cries out for relief in the form of a different setting. Men and women need to decompress and recharge their batteries in an environment that is peaceful and soothing, so they long for the simplicity and mentally rejuvenating experience of a peaceful sanctuary.




What if there were a way to bring the refreshing, serene qualities of a retreat into the home? This change would undoubtedly result in a better quality of life with less tension and stress. The physical characteristics of these places are beneficial in the home environment, which is the most sacred space in a person’s everyday life.

Fortunately, there is a way to bring the atmosphere of a retreat into the home, and that is by applying the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. This practice is one of the five arts of Chinese metaphysics, and it is devoted to harmonizing individuals with their surrounding environment. A home transforms into an oasis of peace and tranquility by applying Feng Shui and listed below are seven steps that will turn the home into a peaceful setting by using the scientific art of Feng Shui.




The first thing to do is to remove all clutter within a home. Anything that is not in regular use and does not have sentimental value should be thrown out or donated. Clothing that has not been worn in over a year can go as can other things that are not in active use, such as piles of old paperwork. Clear away any clutter that is visible when first entering the home. Anything that is broken and not worth fixing or items that are now distasteful must go. Things that are reminiscent of painful relationships or bad times are also out.


relaxing at home ideas
relaxing at home ideas





How to make your bedroom relaxing? The bedroom should be soft and sensual but with clear defining lines at the same time. Make sure that the bed is away from the door and not facing it. Ideally, the view from the bed should be out a window. The head of the bed should never be against a window. There should be no technology, such as a television, in the bedroom. Make sure that there are end tables on either side of the bed and do not store anything underneath the bed. The bed should never face a mirror. Make sure to create ample space in front of the bed, if possible. Plants are essential for the bedroom and other rooms, as they bring life energy into space.

Do not forget the bathroom. It is a great room to feel relaxed and pampered. Do not worry if you have a small bath. Make sure to read on how to make a bathroom bigger, as many tips from there will help you declutter and create a gorgeous atmosphere.





Excellent quality of air and light are essential to the home. The home space should be an environment that exudes vibrant joy. Make sure that window treatments are not dark and forbidding, but light enough to almost be translucent. The light that comes in through the windows should illuminate the rooms in a crisp yet warm way that is clean and inviting. Open spaces allow for greater reflective properties, so, once again, clutter is the enemy here. Try to get rid of unnecessary furniture and any rugs that are worn and drab looking.





The use of color is critical, so the idea is to use colors that are energetic and lively, but not so bright that they dominate the room or are garish. The colors are meant to represent the five basic elements that the world is made up of, namely, fire, earth, water, metal, and wood. The fire color is red, the wood color is green, and the water is blue and black. Metal colors are white, gold and silver, while earth colors are brown, yellow, and pink.


relaxing at home colors
relaxing at home colors


The colors also correspond to different points on the compass that incorporate directionally in the home. Fire, or red, represents the south and water, or blue and black, the north. Wood, or green, is the east and metal, or white, gold and silver, the west. Earth, or brown, yellow and pink, is for the center. There is a spiritual science behind these designations, but they are not hard and fast rules. The good idea is to experiment with colors until achieving the right balance.


relaxing at home
relaxing at home





When considering the living room, space should be roomy, comfortable and pleasing to the eye. The living room should receive ample sunlight and be well ventilated. Place the main sofa against a wall, not a window. Moreover, the sofa should be facing the main entrance to the room. When the view out of the window is a beautiful landscape, hang a mirror in such a way to reflect that landscape. Artwork and pictures in the living room should be lively and positive, such as bright landscapes and portraits of smiling people. Always make sure to cover the TV when not in use with something like a standing screen because the TV becomes a mirror. While the living room is to be comfortable, it is in no way to be cluttered, as that would defeat the whole purpose.


relaxing at home living room
relaxing at home living room





Relaxing at home in the office might seems like a contradiction, but it does not have to be the case. The ideal home office space is uncluttered, efficient and powerful. The desk is situated in a position of command so that it is facing the door and all people that enter through it. The desk, however, is not directly in front of the door. It is off to the side and as far away from the entrance as possible.

Most of the room is visible from the desk, which is not against a window. Instead, it is ideally positioned diagonally facing the entrance. Practical furnishings and plants work well in the office. The artwork is bright and lively, yet conservative. An office is a place of refuge that encourages concentration. The office is separate from other areas of the home with a modicum of privacy, and screens achieve this effect when appropriate.


relaxing at home office
relaxing at home office





Art maximizes the flow of energy and choosing the right kind of art is essential. Select art by the type of energy that space requires, such as soft and sensual in the bedroom or active and vibrant in the living room. Art that incorporates water elements, such as oceans, fountains or waterfalls is an excellent choice. An aquarium is a fantastic addition to the living room or office because it enables the use of water with bright colors in the form of fish. Art that suggests the vitality of nature works well in all rooms. Family portraits should always incorporate smiling people and exude positivity.

The effect of this new style of decoration for the home is dramatic. The simplicity of the decor engenders a feeling of calm and serenity. The chaos and disarray of a cramped and cluttered home are no more and in their place is an aura of harmony and tranquility. The energy is no longer chaotic; it is now positively charged with warm, bright efficiency and spacious comfort. The home transforms into a cherished, spiritually elevated space where people embrace calm and productive lives for themselves and with their loved ones.




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