Pastel pink hair


Pink hairstyles are trending this year too, so today I will inspire you with an amazing selection of 50 photographs of pastel  & bold pink hair.

pink hair collage

Rose Quartz was one of the Pantone 2016 colors of the year, however dusty pink is still such a calming and cute tone and in trend even now.

I have carefully selected the most amazing pink hair images to inspire you in coloring your hair (or trying a good wig). All these photos are in good taste and express the fascinating side of this color tone. Some are cute, some are daring, some are delicate. It is all about attitude. I personally would love the try this color soon.

And if you want to be inspired to change your hair color or hairstyle, this book below is a must-read. Filled with tips and images.

The article is divided in 5 chapters, please views them all for the complete experience!


CLICK BELOW FOR CHAPTER TWO OF THE ARTICLE: FLOWER CROWN PINK HAIRSTYLES (and find out what this color tells about your personality, in the last chapter)!

  1. Can I ask you a question about these pastel hair dyes? I have dark thick brown hair ( middle eastern ) if I want to dye my hair like that, do I have to bleach my hair?

    • Hi Mona, yes, the only way for them to last for weeks and be visible is to bleach your hair. I do recommend going to a salon because it needs an expert. I will also email you telling you how to find out first it a color fits you, without coloring it for real.

    • Thanks, dear Nicola! I would recommend trying a nice wig, there are some not so expensive ones that look really good (and no need to ruin your hair).

  2. Your photos were beautiful! There were so many different shades of pink and some I really loved more than others! Truly enjoyed your inspirational images! xoxo

    • Thanks, dear Rae! Oh, you are right, there are so little images on the Internet about that, unfortunately. But I will try to find more for my next inspirational series. Thanks for the lovely suggestion!

  3. This is amazing! I really like all the work you put into choosing each image! And the transition is gorgeous! I hope to see an entire series of these, with different hair trends. You really do have good taste!


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