An ombre coat can add a special touch to your wardrobe. It can make any outfit stand out in an elegant way. Ombre coats are this year’s trend and it is easy to be charmed by their unique beauty. I want to present you now my latest order and explain how to style a gradient coat, along with my photographs.


First, let’s talk about materials. The fabric is very important in such a coat because the color transition must be done smoothly. Make sure it doesn’t have patches and that it is printed well. I ordered mine from and I am really impressed with it. As you can see from the photographs I have taken, it is stunning!  The fabric is good quality suede.

ombre coat review

The buttons are decorative and complete the visual balance. The contrast between the light and the dark part is gorgeous! Overall, gradient coats are very interesting and make it easy to create an outfit. They require clothes that are either white/black/grey or a shade that is in a similar tone to it’s colors. Because the coat has 2 colors (and the transition shades) it is best to stay away from pairing it with busy prints. In this way, you can make this the star of your look.


ombre pink coat


The design of this ombre coat is featuring a turndown collar and 3/4 sleeves. It has black faux leather strips on the arms, which give a gorgeous contrast and a bit of an edgy feeling. They are removable, so if you want a softer look, you surely can. There is also a black belt, very flexible and thin enough to make a pretty bow.

ombre coat review vipme



black belt coat



When choosing the colors of your gradient coat, it is best to select the ones that flatter your skin tone. The sizes available in this shop are from small to large. I choose the small size and it fits well, so your main preoccupation should be choosing the right color. The white to grey coat I have suggested to you here is the easiest choice, as it will match with anything.


gradient ombre coat



All photographs ⒸThe Daily Fashion Inspiration. 


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