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Your hair can be a fashion accessory if you take care of it properly. We all want shiny locks and today I am going to present you a product that could help dry hair be nourished (and it is all natural and cruelty-free).

I have talked with the lovely people at HairWise, which have a company focused on all-natural ingredients. That was a big factor for me, as I only present items I believe can be good. I was browsing through their shop and found that they created specialized ranges (for hair loss, dry hair, dandruff etc). The founders (Almudena and Marco) are pharmacists and their professional knowledge is clearly seen in the way the products are made (in their store, by them and the team).

Dry Hair Wise treatment

Natural herbal hair treatment

Here are some of the benefits of their herbal hair treatment:

• 100% free of fertilizers
• 100% free of chemical contaminants
• 100% free of pesticides

This means no nasty build-up and less likely to develop allergies compared to the hair products that are full of chemicals.

My favorite product is the ”Dry Hair Plus – Nourishing Treatment 270ml. / 9.1 fl.oz” retailed now at 35 dollars. I like that it has an amazing 30 plants, leaves, herbs and roots. They cleverly included aloe vera, which is known for its soothing properties. Here are more details:

aloe vera natural treatment


Active Ingredients & Benefits of this natural hair treatment:

• Softening
• High moisturizing properties
• Anti-inflammatory
• Provides elasticity and volume
• Hair and skin softener
• Inmunostimulant properties

• Brings back hair volume
• Detangles hair

• Organic fat extracted from the African Karite tree nuts (ambuk butter)
• 100% organic, contains allantoin, vitamin A & vitamin E, for an effective moisturizing effect

• Rich in A,B,D and E vitamins
• Nourishing oil for hair care, especially suited for dry and damaged hair

Aloe Vera hair treatment


I am happy that I could give my honest opinion on these range of natural hair treatments and I want to thank Hair Wise for the collaboration.

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  1. Really like natural products. Congrats for the lovely article and I am looking forward to hear about the other products too.


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