Dear reader, today I want you to join me in knowing more about niche perfumes. Let’s see what they mean and why they are special.


What does a niche perfume mean?

There are two main types of perfumes, based on the number of stores they are sold in and their quantity. So we have the mainstream ones that are in almost every large beauty shop and we have the ones that are only sold in very few stores or only in their luxury boutique. This last category is called niche perfumes, because of its restricted spread.

niche perfume unisex

Why choose a niche perfume?

Niche perfumes are more rare and this means that the chances of someone else having the same scent is less than with mainstream fragrance. If you like to be unique regarding perfumes, this is the perfect product. Being made by luxury perfume boutiques, the scent can also feature more exotic ingredients which can be fascinating to experiment with. A niche perfume can be a surprise gift out of the ordinary, especially for people that almost have it all.

Some claim that ingredients in niche perfumes are of higher quality and that the time spent in creating a perfume is larger, as a small boutique’s team can focus on fewer products for longer instead of mainstream launches. Because of their rare quality, the perfume creator is encouraged to make a scent that is different, instead of trying to appeal to as many people as possible. Niche perfumes do not focus to please everyone and in general are targeting a buyer that has fragrance knowledge. Their buyer has tried many perfume and wants to have something special and interesting.

However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot try a niche perfume. On the contrary, even if you do not have much experience in them, it is great to discover new exclusive scents and there is no reason why not to.


Where to buy niche perfumes?

You can buy them in special boutiques, but online I would recommend getting them from Aoro (the Romanian shop) or Notino (the US shop). I will suggest a few perfume names below which you can search in their website.


Niche perfumes for women:

I am going to recommend a perfume for each type, here is a good choice for women. This perfume is called ‘’Creed love’’ and is one of Michelle Obama’s favourite perfumes.


Niche perfumes for men:

For men, you can try ‘’Opulent Shaik Blue No.77’’ which is an opulent scent. It got many praises and I am myself very curious in buying it for my boyfriend.

niche perfumes men

Unisex niche perfumes:

If you want an unisex niche perfume, I would suggest ‘’Roja Parfums Aoud Crystal’’. This perfume has cinnamon, mosc and a multitude of other ingredients.

What I noticed in niche perfumes is the amazing details of the packaging. The price is usually higher but I believe it is justified. These are exclusive and there is an increased time spent in creating them. All these come at a price, with good reason.Overall, I would suggest you to try one of these scents at least once.


Have you tried a niche perfume? Comment below

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