Navajo art is incredibly beautiful and their craft talent is special. There is an online way to see & own hand-made original items and today I want to share with you my latest find, a website called  It is the official store for Navajo crafts.



First, let me tell you more about The Navajos. They are Native American people of the Southwestern United States and their council created the Navajo Tribe’s Arts and Crafts Guild in 1941. You can now purchase their crafts online in their official Navajo art store. Let’s see their products selection and which is my favourite piece.



They have Navajo rugs, jewelry, wall decor and many more artistic items. All items are hand-made in the reservation. I think this website is a great choice if you cannot afford a trip there, but still want to have original art. I personally fell in love with these silver tear drop Navajo earrings. I really like how you can choose from so many stone types (I really enjoy white opal).

Their jewelry are completely handcrafted by an in-house Navajo silversmith with the highest quality in 925 Sterling silver. The natural stones are all hand cut and set by an in-house lapidary artisan.  The polish is done by hand too, at a clear finish. The price is good, considering the materials used and the craft it takes to create a pair.

What do you think of Navajo art? Comment below

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Beautiful, such an interesting read!

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