Natural curly hair: what are the best ways to take care of it? What shampoo, conditioner, masks, oils and brushes to use? How to dry it? I am going to show you today my most valuable tips, with products that are chemical free. I will explain how to create a natural curly hair routine for gorgeous locks.



Even though curly hair is as beautiful as straight hair or wavy hair, it is important to follow the 5 steps below to be able to easily take care of it. One of the main issues with having curly hair is that they tangle a lot and no matter how wide the teeth of your brush is, you may pull out a bunch of your strands every time you comb. To avoid this, you may have to take care of your lustrous locks a bit more. The soft and bouncy curls you get in return are worth going through a bit of hair care rituals. Here is how.

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The most important step in taking care of your natural curly hair is having the right products and tools. We must avoid products with harmful chemicals that damage and increase build-up, giving unpleasant effects. My advice below will only consist of techniques and natural products.



Use shampoo and conditioner especially made for natural curly hair (my recommended shampoo is from, combined with the conditioner from I like investing in a shampoo and conditioner that are of good quality and that suit my hair type, as these give the best results compared to random products. Curly hair type becomes frizzy and dry very easily hence you need hair products that can penetrate deep into every strand of your hair.



Use hair masks to hydrate your curly hair, without making it greasy. My favourite hair mask for curly hair is from It makes my hair soft and manageable. You can use it overnight if your hair is really oily or just 10 minutes if not. It nourishes and gives shine to your naturally curly locks. This is a step you can take after the conditioner, for extra hydration.


Use natural oils every time you feel your hair needs a boost. I love the concept of the vitamins from Be aware that they are not for swallowing, they are to be applied on the hair as in the instructions on their packaging. This is a gorgeous quick treatment for your natural curly hair. It really makes a difference in its texture. After it, the hair is softer, shinier and the curls have more bounce. You can use them instead of the hair masks or after them for spa nights with extra pamper.

It is also important to not only use external products, but to also have a healthy meal plan. I recommend asking your doctor for blood tests and after them, if he/she is ok with it, you can take supplements. One example of them is the brand from Do not take them without asking your doctor first.

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There are two options for drying your curly hair: with heat or without.

  • for the no heat option, use this kind of special hair towel to absorb the wetness. Its design makes sure that unlike normal towels, you will not fight with it to stay on. You can find it at
  • for the heat option, use a blow drier with a difusser, as I recommend below.



  • If you want to enhance your curls, you can blow dry it with a specially made diffuser (as the one from and then use the hair serum from This serum is a curl amplifier, defining them.


  • This is  a totally optional step, but I know many girls want to actually straighten their curls. If you have curly hair, you’d know how much you crave for a change and get your hair straightened. You may think that straight hair is more manageable and beautiful but most of the women with naturally straight hair at one point or the other would have craved for curly hair. It’s always that way: you don’t have to worry if you want to straighten your hair if you keep your hair healthy and you use a good quality appliance. For example, check out reviews like HerStyler Straightening Brushes detailed review to learn about good quality hair straightening brushes.



If you want to maintain your curly hair as beautiful curly locks, then make sure that you use a comb for natural curly hair. Curly hair looks best when they stick together forming visibly well-defined curls rather than a bunch of frizzy hair strands that will look like a black colored cotton ball. I like the one from

Overall, using the right products for natural curly hair, you will see a drastic improvement in your locks, making them gorgeous and shiny.



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