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How to mix and match outfits? What colors go well together in a fashion look? When we see photos of celebs who are wearing a lot of different colors, they always look so stylish, vibrant and amazing. However, most of us prefer to stick to the blacks, whites and grays because they are easy to mix and match and it’s hard to make a fashion mistake with these colors.

Maybe you wanted to step out of your comfort zone years ago, but you were too scared that instead of looking cool and in style, you will look like a clown.

To be honest, matching various hues and patterns can be a challenge and you might be worried that you are constantly one step away from looking completely ridiculous. However, with some simple tips you can forget about your Morticia Adams vibe and create your own vibrant new look. Read the following and learn how to master the art of color mixing.


If all you ever wear are dark colors, mixing up different colors might seem impossible to you. Therefore, instead of pairing all the colors of the rainbow take baby steps, and opt for a monochromatic look. Choose one color and include it in every piece of your outfit. For example, wear a yellow skirt with a yellow blouse, or pink pants with a pink jacket. Once you are ready to take things to another level, start mixing in variations on tone. 


When you feel ready to mix things up, begin with the primary colors – blue, red, and yellow. You can wear one color on top and the other in the bottom, or you can make things even more colorful by wearing them altogether.  For example, whether you have a job interview or you are meeting your friends for coffee, a pair of red pants with well-maintained leather shoes in the same color and a yellow blouse will help you feel confident and gorgeous.

Beige, navy, gray, olive green, black or brown are not the only neutral colors. In fact, metallics belong in this category as well, and they go great with everything. So, the next time you wear a shiny top or a dress, pair it up with a bold pop of color. Maybe it seems like a risky combo, but you will surely look amazing without seeming too tacky. 

mix match primary colors fashion
mix match primary colors fashion


If you remember the color wheel from your elementary school art class, you probably remember that there are analogous colors and contrasting colors. In the color wheel where there are rainbow colors arranged in a circle, the ones that are next to each other are known as analogous colors, while those hues that are on the opposites sides are known as contrasting colors. So, what does this have to do with fashion? Well, analogous tones look amazing when styled up together, so don’t be afraid to pair up green with yellow or green with blue. 

mix and match colors fashion
mix and match colors fashion

If you have forgotten what the color wheel looks like, look it up online because it will come in handy. Aside from mixing analogous colors, you can pair up colors that are on opposite sides. Contrasting hues such as pink and yellow can help you create a vibrant look that will turn heads and help you earn a fashion icon status. 

It is quite possible that you won’t be able to pull off some colors, and you can blame your skin tone for it. If you have pale or yellow-toned skin, choose colder colors such as grey, navy blue, green, aqua or burgundy.  On the other hand, individuals with a deeper skin tone look amazing in warmer shades, such as coral, honey, gold, amber or taupe. 

If you are concerned that you won’t do a good job, ask a friend or a professional for help. You surely know someone who is a great dresser, so ask them for advice and write down a couple of their tips. However, the mixing strategies above are pretty much foolproof, so try them out and step out of your comfort zone.

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