Dragobete se sărbătoreşte pe 24 februarie. O tradiţie românească frumoasă, echivalentă a Valentine’s Day, aceasta are ca subiect iubirea. Astăzi te invit să citeşti cum am realizat un tutorial de machiaj pentru Dragobete, romantic şi diafan. Inima este simbolul iubirii, deci nu va lipsi.   DRAGOBETE (MACHIAJ ROMANTIC) Lumina dimineţii se strecura uşor printre perdelele … Continue Reading

Let’s do this unboxing together and find out what the NYX Advent Calendar has inside. I will present you the price, where to buy it from and all 24 days of makeup countdown. NYX Wanderlust Advent Calendar is a gorgeous box made to look like a suitcase, inspired by travel: Monte Carlo, Milan, Prague, Transylvania, … Continue Reading

Many readers have asked me ”What are all the flavours of EOS?” so today I am presenting you the complete guide to them. Including popular well-known ones plus special limited edition EOS lip balm flavours. Let’s get started.    EOS LIP BALM FLAVOURS  First, I am going to tell you more about EOS (Evolution Of … Continue Reading

If you are looking for an easy way to do smokey eye makeup, look no further: NYX Lid Lingerie is an eye tint in 12 amazing shades. I have swatched them all for you and created a modern makeup tutorial in my review.   NYX LID LINGERIE SWATCHES There are 12 shades. Some are light … Continue Reading

Lime Crime Velvetines are popular lipsticks, inspired by the luxurious texture of rose petals. These liquid matte products dry into a velvet finish. Around Halloween, the brand has released a gorgeous new limited edition bundle of their acclaimed Velvetines, that is still available for a certain time. The bundle includes the shades Bloodmoon and Moonstone … Continue Reading

Dragilor, astăzi vă vorbesc despre a doua parte a comenzii de la Bottega Verde, recenzia bazei de machiaj. În articolul precedent v-am prezentat recenzia corectorului lichid iar mai jos o să vă spun impresiile mele sincere despre baza de machiaj specială de acoperire a porilor, cu acid hialuronic şi gălbenele (cea din stânga pozei de mai jos).   … Continue Reading

Ciao care, oggi vi parlo di un prodotto nuovo per me: BB Concealer Correttore Fluido Bottega Verde, l’azienda di cosmetici naturali nr.1 in Italia. BB Concealer – Correttore fluido effetto naturale con estratto di Melograno e Vitamina E Quindi, come bene sapete, dopo le recensioni precedenti di altri prodotti (trucco viola Bottega Verde e la … Continue Reading

  Bună dragile mele, astăzi o să vă vorbesc despre recenzia corectorului lichid BB Concealer de la Bottega Verde, firma de produse cosmetice naturale nr.1 în Italia.   RECENZIE CORECTOR LICHID BOTTEGA VERDE Aşa cum bine ştiţi după recenzia celorlalte produse  (machiajul mov Bottega Verde şi gama cu struguri Bottega Verde ) am fost sincer mulţumită de calitatea cosmeticelor … Continue Reading

    Because my first Bottega Verde order was a success, I decided to order again this month. My second package from Bottega Verde the natural cosmetics store is here and I was inspired by the lovely lavender purple tones. Stay tuned for my honest opinion on these products and a make-up tutorial at the … Continue Reading