Special Guest App has been taking the live entertainment industry by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. The platform is completely redefining how the live entertainment market works, and has begun to expand to a wide variety of markets. Special Guest App allows venues to find local talent extremely easily, allowing local live entertainment to thrive.

The talent simply makes a profile on the platform and completes it with things such as biographies, rates, pictures, and videos. Local venues then search the platform in order to find live entertainment to perform, making the process easier than it ever has been before.

However, you might be shocked to find out that Special Guest App is home to much more than your traditional performers such as singers and dancers. The platform hosts all different sorts of cool and crazy acts, all just waiting to be hired by a local venue. Here are some of the coolest things you can find on Special Guest App.


A caricaturist is an artist that can create cartoon style drawings live. What a fun wedding idea to have someone drawing in real time your guests and giving them an artistic gift they can display in their homes for many years after the event. It is a great way to keep a lovely memory of the wedding or party. Consider hiring a caricaturist also for birthday parties, the children will love to see themselves as cartoons!


One area that Special Guest is particularly adept in is the area of impersonators. The platform is home to a wide range of impersonators from a multitude of genres. In the music industry you can find various performers such as a Dolly Parton impersonator or a Justin Bieber impersonator. This is on top of your classic Elvis impersonators that everyone loves.

The platform is also home to other talented impersonators such as a Tom Cruise impersonator and a Wolverine impersonator. If you’re looking for an impersonator for a party or live event, then you have to give Special Guest App a look.


Another area that Special Guest App excels in is circus acts. The platform is home to a wide variety of circus acts that are perfect for any outdoor event. The wide range of circus acts include contortionists, jugglers, acrobats, sword swallowers, tightrope walkers, and many many more.

All of these acts bring a special flare to an event, making them a hot commodity. If you feel that a circus act would be perfect for your live event, then look no further than Special Guest App for all of your live entertainment needs.


When talking about live entertainment professional speakers are not usually thought of. However, if you’re hosting a more formal event, then a speaker might be exactly what you need in order to entertain your audience. Like other performers on this list, speakers can come in a large variety and cover a wide range of topics.

For example, you could have a motivational speaker to boost morale,or you could have a business or corporate speaker come in and educate your audience. While speakers may not be the most exciting option when it comes to live entertainment, there is still value in them. Speakers can provide educational value to an event, something that makes them perfect for formal and educational events.


Sometimes an event needs a little cultural flare in order to really take off. Thankfully, Special Guest App offers a wide variety of cultural entertainment on its platform. You can find anything from African dancers to Latin guitar players on the platform.

No matter what cultural theme you are trying to replicate, Special Guest App likely has a performer that would fit. These performers could add some authentic flare to your live event, as most are extremely talented and experienced.

If you’re looking to add some cultural flare to your live event, then you can’t go wrong with hiring one of the many cultural entertainers on Special Guest App.


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