how to built a sustainable travel wardrobe


Wondering how to build a sustainable travel wardrobe? In today’s article I will show you how to create a fashion capsule with ethically made clothing, perfect for traveling.

The term ‘capsule wardrobe’ was coined in the 1970s by a London boutique owner Susie Faux. According to her, this term is used to describe a collection of a few essential items that never go out of style and can easily be paired with seasonal items. This way you can have an outfit suitable for any type of situation without owning a lot of clothing items. The term became even more popular in 1985 when famous designer Donna Karan released a capsule collection of seven interchangeable work-wear pieces. 

As you might know, nowadays landfills are full of barely worn clothes due to fast fashion.  Up until the mid-twentieth century, the fashion industry ran on four seasons: fall, winter, spring, and summer. Today, fast fashion brands produce about 52 micro-seasons every year, which means that a new collection comes out every week! Of course, these clothing items are made of low-quality materials and their production has a harmful impact on the environment. Since these items are not built to last, they are often thrown away after no more than a few wears. Due to cheap production, these garments are full of lead, pesticides, and other chemicals, so instead of breaking down, they spend their life releasing these toxic chemicals in the air. 

On the other hand, a capsule wardrobe is the opposite of fast fashion. Instead of buying a new shirt or pants every week and filling up your closet with unnecessary things, you can keep your clothing items to a minimum, while always looking stylish and modern.

Organizing your closet this way can even make your travels less stressful since you will be able to pack lightly and only bring essentials with you. If you wish to create a sustainable travel wardrobe, here are a couple of tips that will help you pull it off.


With a little effort you will be able to find brands that are making their clothes from only recycled materials and use only low impact, non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly dyes. There are also brands who give you store credit when you send them their old items, which they then recycle into new clothes. Nowadays a lot of companies are trying to make this world a better place. For example, Moon Magic donates to the charity “Trees for the future” for every item they sell. By now more than 200.000 trees have been planted thanks to their contributions. Therefore, opt to buy from brands who make a difference, and you will help the environment one clothing item at a time.

travel wardrobe sustainable
travel wardrobe sustainable

If you need to replace some of your worn-out clothes, make sure you buy good quality items. They might be more expensive, but they will save you money in the long run and you will be able to use them for years to come, not just on your trip. In addition, you won’t support the destructive fast fashion industry, which is always a good thing. 

When buying new clothes, you need to pay attention to the tags and choose the most eco-friendly materials. If you want to get a shirt made of cotton, make sure that it is the organic type that is grown without the use of pesticides. Clothes made of Lyocell, hemp, or recycled materials are also a good choice. Opt for natural colors or low-impact dyes that do not contain toxic chemicals. After all, your clothes come in direct contact with your skin, so you should go with natural options whenever possible.


Before you start packing, make sure to pay attention to the weather conditions. If you are traveling someplace cold, forget about skirts and dresses and opt for jeans and trousers and warm fabrics such as wool. If you’re traveling to a warmer climate, bring linen or organic cotton skirts and T-shirts, and a pair of jean shorts. This way you will be able to easily mix and match your clothing items and come up with multiple different combinations with just several pieces. Regardless of whether your trip will last for several months or a few weeks, pack as if you were traveling for a week. You can wear some pieces more than once and wash them when needed with a bar of soap or a zero waste laundry detergent. 

how to built a sustainable travel wardrobe
how to built a sustainable travel wardrobe

You really don’t need to bring a lot of things with you. By creating your own capsule wardrobe for your trip, you will not only do yourself a favor but will also reduce your ecological footprint.  


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