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Home staging can really increase your selling house price.  Read my home staging tips filled with clever and affordable ideas on how to stage a house easy and beautifully. Plus, I will reveal what mistakes to avoid.

It might be time to put your house on the market. If this is the case, then you need to start getting it ready for the sale now. Your goal is to show a house that is beautifully decorated so that potential buyers will feel cozy, but in the same time making sure that they can imagine living there and not be inundated by huge amounts of your stuff. Further more, you will want to avoid a blank canvas too as it is really hard for most people to imagine the house’s potential with no furniture in it to compare. So, we are going to discuss how to get your home ready for a sale using house staging.




Firstly, the definition of home staging refers to the act of preparing a private residence for sale, by arranging the furniture and decorations. A good house staging has the following benefits:

  • appeals to the highest number of potential buyers, increasing the sales chances
  • enhances the house features, therefore increasing the asking price
  • gives a better sense of how furniture can fit in the house
  • makes the rooms appear larger and brighter
  • gives the house a more luxurious style
  • makes the potential buyers feel it will be easy and cozy to live there
  • takes the attention away from the defects of the home





Home staging can be done by yourself if you prepare well for it before starting. Here is what you should do before adding furniture and decorations:

  • paint the walls white
  • declutter your home
  • find storage for your extra stuff
  • fix any house issues

home staging tips
home staging tips





Step one requires you to paint all of the walls white. You might think this is not something that will add value to your home but it is the reverse. White walls are perfect for house staging, as they have a number of benefits. It is actually one of my tips from how to make your home relaxing. Already with white walls? If it has been more than a year since, add a fresh coat of paint. House buyers love the idea of not having to repaint anytime soon.

The initial benefit is that it provides a blank canvas for adding furniture and decorations. It allows people to see the home as it could be, without making them dread to repaint a color they hated in seeing your home.

The second benefit is that it makes the rooms look larger than they are. When the rooms are  beautifully decorated and furnished, the size of the room can really be appreciated with white walls as a background. This cannot happen when the room is over-cluttered with items and painted a different color.

The final benefit that we are going to discuss is that it makes the room appear lighter. People these days are looking for large rooms that are full of light, so this is going to be a good thing for you to consider. If you are interested in more benefits then check out a site like https://www.realliving.com.ph/home-improvement/building-renovating/ where you will be able to learn more about the benefits of having white walls.





Step two when house staging is to seriously declutter and keep only beautiful items, that can add elegance to your home decor.  You are going to have to put everything that is nonessential straight into storage. You can take this chance and make your home look more expensive using simple advice.

How to declutter when selling your home? Empty each room and bring back only essential and beautiful things. Keep the rest in a storage area. If you don’t already have a storage unit, or you have not already bought another house, then you need to get a unit as quickly as possible. A site like https://www.henfieldstorage.co.uk/long-term-storage is going to be able to help you here, as they provide storage options. You can get a big or a small unit depending on how many items you have. But remember to leave enough space in here to add to it if you sell your home.

The only things that should be left in your house are the essentials. Beds, one chair per family member in the living room, as well as a table and a TV. Your kitchen sides should be clear, all rooms should be tidy and have minimal possessions in them. Again, this allows people to see the potential of the house. Remove all personal photographs, as this will help buyers to imagine themselves in the house.

Moreover, most people are looking for a home that is ready to move into so you need to make sure you are fixing anything that is wrong with it. Any cracks in the walls need to be filled, any hanging doors need to be sorted, and if the garage door is sticking, you need to oil it. The same goes for the roof, if you are experiencing any issue here, you are going to be better off getting them fixed now.


home staging
home staging





There are a few mistakes that can really ruin your DIY decor staging. Pay attention and avoid:

  • CHEAP PAINT. You do not know when the house will sell so a good quality white wall paint is essential. It will actually save you money as it will stay looking nice for longer.
  • REAL FLOWERS. We all know flowers look amazing but they will be a huge expensive to replace everytime. Instead buy realistic faux flowers. They will make rooms look more luxurious and fresh.
  • BROKEN FURNITURE. Learn how to restore old furniture or hire a pro.
  • PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHS. Instead, hang beautiful artworks.
  • AIR FRESHNERS. Commercial ones are usually with lots of harmful chemicals. I personally have an allergy to them and so can your pottential home buyers. What do to instead? Use natural air fresheners.
  • VERY SMALL FURNITURE. Even if some believe it can make a room larger, it actually looks odd in real life. Instead, use normal furniture but do not overcrowd.
  • UGLY BLINDS AND CURTAINS. They frame a room and add elegance, so make sure to use beautiful blinds and curtains. Also keep them open, for light to enter the room.





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