All about NIVEA HAIRMILK 7+ express regeneration leave-in conditioner spray in my review & results. I will share with you my experience, the places to buy it from, the ingredients and my special usage tips.   NIVEA HAIRMILK LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER REVIEW Nivea has created the Hairmilk range to help nourish our locks. It has a shampoo, … Continue Reading

Solid shampoo as soap has become a product I love. I’ll show you the natural ingredients, how to use it and where to buy it. One shampoo soap bar usually lasts as two bottles of liquid shampoo, so it will save you money. RO: Șamponul solid sub formă de săpun este un produs interesant. Îți … Continue Reading

Elvive Extraordinary Clay is the new haircare from L’Oreal (masque, shampoo, conditioner & dry shampoo). Witness the results in my review. I have photos after use, the ingredients list, instructions how to use it, where to purchase it from and the benefits of clay. Let’s start. RO: Elseve Argilă Extraordinară este noua gamă pentru îngrijirea … Continue Reading

Hi lovelies, when I say RED, what does come to your mind first? Is it love, roses, wine or something else? For me it was all those and it is the colour that inspired my first order from Bottega Verde review. Let’s discover what I got, the gift with my order, my honest impression of … Continue Reading