Blue hair is an interesting trend. The shades can go from pastel light blue to bright blue tresses. There are numerous hair styles, some ombre, some monocoloured, some galaxy themed. I have carefully gathered the best 50 inspirational images, placing them in a pleasant transition for a relaxing viewing or to even inspire your next … Continue Reading

Daring pink hair is for our most courageous fashionistas.  If inspires power and joy. *happy dance* You reached the final part of your series with 50 beautiful images of pink hair. And you will see our surprise at the end of this post: what does the fact that you like pink mean to your personality. … Continue Reading

Pink wavy hair can be gorgeous if styled right. Take note of how it is arranged in the images below: either in well kept loose curls or in intentionally raw hairstyles for a natural look. PINK WAVY HAIR: IDEAS (CHAPTER THREE OF FIVE) CLICK BELOW FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER:  SPECTACULAR BRAIDS WITH PINK HAIR (only … Continue Reading

A pink hair flower crown can be a gorgeous hairstyle done easily: braid your favourite style of hair crown, add pretty flowers and you are done. Be inspired by our amazing selection. How amazing are these? PINK HAIR FLOWER CROWN: IDEAS (CHAPTER TWO OF FIVE) SHOP INSPIRED FLOWER CROWNS BELOW: Gorgeous blue style at Stunning … Continue Reading

Braided pink hair is more and more popular on Instagram. Plaits are easy to do in their simple 3 row style (of course there are also complex methods), in the form of braided ponytails, fishtail or twisted styles. BRAIDED PINK HAIR: IDEAS (CHAPTER FOUR OF FIVE) CLICK  BELOW FOR THE LAST  CHAPTER: DARING PINK HAIR (and … Continue Reading

Pink hairstyles are trending this year too, so today I will inspire you with an amazing selection of 50 photographs of pastel  & bold pink hair.   Rose Quartz was one of the Pantone 2016 colors of the year, however dusty pink is still such a calming and cute tone and in trend even now. … Continue Reading