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Are you a beginner who is trying to hone hair styling skills? Or are you a stylist, just out of school, and looking for a suitable pair of shears? In either case, this article is for you. 

Choosing the right kind of affordable hair shears is not an easy task. When you are out hunting for the perfect pair of hair shears, you will have to face your share of challenges. People all around will be advising you, so you need to know exactly who you should trust. You need good quality shears, something similar to Yasaka scissors, the blades of which will not need to be frequently sharpened, and one that will not burn a hole in your pocket. 


As someone who is just starting out, you might also have a tough time trying to figure out exactly what type of hair shears you need. Given below are several types which you can use:

  • thinners
  • ergonomic hair shears
  • straight shears


Thinners are basic hair shears which are usually used by cosmetology students for practice. So, these will probably be the first type that you will have some experience with. Make sure to get a pair because they are rather handy. You can start working with them and then slowly develop other skills and use different kinds of shears.


This pair of shears provides a lot of comfort. While using traditional shears, you might develop repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome as using the symmetric handled shears constantly puts pressure on your hand, elbow, neck, and shoulder. Ergonomic hair shears, on the other hand, come with an extended crane (neutral grip handle). This reduces the pressure significantly which proves to be more convenient.


These are of two kinds: long straight shears and short straight shears. The longer ones work best when you lift the hair up, using a comb, to cut it. This is because, this way, it is able to take care of a larger surface area smoothly. Short shears can be used to cut the hair around the ears and on the back of the neck. Straight shears are essentially the most basic shears that any hair stylist has and they can be used for almost any kind of cutting job.

Once you are ready to use tools other than the basic ones, you can explore the entire range of scissors-over-comb, chunkers, texturises and single-teeth and double teeth thinners. You can try out one type at a time. This will help you figure out exactly which type you need for which job.


Now, there are many shears available in the market that are affordable and claim to provide a wide range of services. However, you need to be very careful while choosing. Not all shears are durable enough or are comfortable to use. Given below are a few factors that you should consider before buying a pair of hair shears:

  • size
  • material
  • blades

Finding shears that fit your hand properly is of utmost importance. Shears that are oversized for your hand will be difficult for you to control and will have an adverse impact on the cutting motion.

Now, if the shears are too small, then the range of motion will be limited. While considering the size of the shears, you must also check out the size of the finger rings: your ringer finger should fit in smoothly, the handle should not go beyond the second knuckle and thumb ring should extend only a little above the tip of the thumb.

Other than the matter of comfort, size also plays an important role in the type of job you want to do with the shears. If you want very fine, precision point cutting, then you will need shorter scissors with limited range, but one that you can easily control. But whatever the case, you will only be able to use a pair of hair shears comfortably, if they are of the right size.

Steel is the best material for hair shears. Even if you are just a beginner or a new stylist, you should always go for hair shears that have steel blades. These are far more durable and they can cut well when compared to blades made of any other material.

Usually, the two types of blades that are seen on hair shears are convex and bevelled. Convex blades can be used for any cutting techniques and are extremely sharp. This is why they are not really recommended for beginners but they can be used by more experienced stylists. Blades with a bevelled edge, on the other hand, are lightweight, as they are made of an alloy.

They also contain micro serrations that do not allow the hair to slip out. This makes shears with beveled edge blades very convenient for beginners.

Simply keep the factors mentioned above and we’re sure you will be able to pick the best hair shears for you.


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