floral boots style tutorial image


floral boots style tutorial image

Today I am going to show you how to style a beautiful pair of floral boots. I personally love this fashion trend, as it is a cute way to brighten up a casual winter outfit.

Floral boots

Winter boots with flower prints are very feminine and cheerful. They can be a great alternative to the well known UGGs, many of us wearing them in brown, black or beige.

Style tips for flower printed winter boots:

You can style these cuties with jeans or with leggings. I have chosen to show you two examples: 2 pairs of denim-like leggings, along with a handbag and a comfy sweater. When thinking of an outfit, you should think of the colors inside the floral print. My purple sweater goes well with my floral boots because they have purple-pink in them. So I could wear white, pink, purple, beige green or orange in the top part.

floral boots macro

Now for the bottom part, the jeans/leggings can either be blue, light grey or white. You can wear black but I consider black a difficult color for winter. The season is already cold so a little color or bright tones would be nice.

I do not recommend choosing a floral print for the leggings as it will create a visually crowded outfit. Keep things simple!

You can add a handbag that has one of the colors from the floral print. I chose a white one, it is small and cute, so it goes well with this casual outfit.

dresslink white handbag review

handbag dresslink

handbag golden white chain

P.S. how cute are these rose details from the sweater?? I really love it, so soft.

Do you own floral boots?would you buy them?

  1. I don’t own any floral boots, but I think I might have to look for some! This is a great post, super helpful – I love the idea of leggings and super cute floral boots 🙂

  2. Those boots are so adorable, I actually thought they where slippers because they look so pretty and comfy..

  3. I do not own any floral boots and I think they are so cute! Definitely would style them as you did with solid colors! Your photos are excellent and love the details on everything!


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