This page is updated weekly with the most beautiful free samples. From fashion to beauty, make sure to come back and check the latest freebies. Most are open to the USA, some to the UK.




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This week’s featured freebies:

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how to get free samples freebiesBelow I have wanted to explain why I created this page and answered the most asked questions. Please read and if you still have something not clear, just ask your question in the comments.

I have always liked to search and apply for free products and samples online and now I want to share them with you too, dear reader. There will be a weekly post with the top most beautiful freebies available online. This weekly page will be updated with new offers as they appear so be sure to check daily to not miss any.

Fabulous freebies – free samples

As I have mentioned before, this page is created to share my freebies finds with you.

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Why brands offer free samples?

Major brands often offer free samples, to enable people to test their product before buying. This is a great opportunity to discover new products, for free. This doesn’t mean that  they aren’t good if they are free, on the contrary. Freebies from good brands are of great quality and reflect the full-size product, because the brand wants the future customer to know the product as it is. It is in their interest to present testers with the real product.

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What is the catch? Is it any?

There is no catch. As explained above, I only choose offers from reputable, serious brands. These are legitimate freebies, that should not require credit card information. I also choose samples that do not require you to fill a survey. I personally find those time consuming and I do not want to put my readers to go through hoops to get a freebie. I want easy to enter freebies, where you just fill your name and shipping details, from well-know brands.

My chosen samples also do not require you to collect coupons. They also never require you paid memberships.

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Who can apply for freebies?

Some of the products that I will share with you will have USA only shipping and some will be on international shipping, so there is something for everyone.  Depending on the brand’s requirements, if your location is allowed, you can get that product. But shipping is always free, as I do not want my readers to pay anything. I search only for totally free products.

Make sure you check this page daily, as it is updated with new samples as soon as I know about them. Submissions are high so you want to know as soon as and be quick to grab them, as freebies are sent until they are out of stock.

Because brands will need your address to ship you the items, please do not enter them if you aren’t at least 18 years old. Void where prohibited.

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Is shipping free too?

Yes, my selection will always feature products that are sent for free, with free shipping.

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Who will send these freebies?

My page will only feature current offers, so it is up to each brand to handle the shipping.

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How to get free samples

Make sure to visit this page and scroll through the new offers. Choose one that you like and click on it. Go to the brand’s link there and read their requirements. It is simple as that!

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Why gather freebies?

I will only select the most beautiful fashion and beauty freebies. I want the best quality for my readers, so you will always find the best free offers. Grabbing these freebies is something fun and nice, to receive pretty products in the mail, for free. It is a great way to discover new brands, to discover new ranges or maybe test a product that you wanted to buy full-size but you weren’t sure. You are also one of the first people to try a newly released product and be up to date with the latest launches.

Free samples make great stocking fillers and are a nice way to complete a gift without breaking the budget.

Freebies hunting is a fun hobby that I enjoy too. This is a separate activity from product reviewing, as these freebies do not need you to post any reviews. I have made quite a few friends this way and it is nice to share this hobby with you too, now.

I have received in the past makeup samples and I enlarged my makeup collection at no cost. I got pretty eye-shadows, blushes, nail polish, brushes, nail sticker, bronzing lotions. If you do not like a shade, you can always gift it to someone that will like it. Another good tip is about creams, I use face cream samples when my fav cream is running out. Good quality free samples can also be used in times of low budget, when you cannot afford to buy a full-size product. I know people that enter freebies very often and therefore do not need to buy creams that much. Free products can save you money. Plus it is always exciting to get a package in the mail and open it.

Samples are also a good idea before buying  a full-size cream. Making sure you are not allergic to it before buying can prevent you from wasting your money and your skin will thank you too for not using the bad product feeling guilty of the amount spent. If you see any reaction, just stop using the cream. If it looks bad, see a doctor immediately.

Another great thing is regarding to perfume samples. You can smell differently each day, without spending a fortune. I love to test new scents and you can even exchange with your friends. Some people also collect the little packaging. Perfume samples are sometimes in small, long bottles and sometimes they are a miniature replica of the full-size perfume. I love collecting the miniature bottles, I think they are cute. They make a pretty collection and nice props for photographs or as decoration to your bedroom/makeup desk.

Shampoo and hair care samples are another category I will feature, included in beauty. I have discovered great products by testing nice brands, especially anti-frizz serums. Those are expensive in full-size so freebies are always welcome. You can also test conditioners and shampoos and find out which is best for your hair type. Being small sized, these samples are perfect to take when travelling as they will not bulk your already full luggage.

Fashion samples are more rare but of higher value. Sometimes they are accessories, sometimes scarfs, t-shirts etc. Overall, they are amazing for updating your wardrobe.

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What kind of free products are featured here?

Since my blog is about fashion, I will select only beauty and fashion samples. You will find face creams, body lotions, makeup, hair products, fragrance samples etc along free clothing and accessories.

It is updated as soon as I know about a beautiful offer and samples that are out of stock are removed, so this is always up to date. I want to create a go-to-page for gorgeous fashion and beauty freebies. Only relevant products, that I would test too myself. Pretty packaging, serious brands, cool campaigns.

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Why is this page different than other freebies sites?

This page is different because, unlike many websites that gather tones of samples, I only feature the best ones. I make a rigorous selection so you can save time grabbing the best products, without completing surveys.

Having a strict selection enables me to suggest the best advice to you. Huge websites with lots of categories and offers are very hard to check and they cannot control each submission. Because I feature just a few, I can take the time to read the guidelines and check that the product promises to look nice.

Plus, I only feature fashion and beauty samples, so you always know what to expect (no dishwasher, dog food, nappies etc nothing wrong with them but not in accordance to my fashion blog).

P.S. samples are given on a first come – first served basis, so if you want to participate in giveaways instead you can check my fashion and jewelry giveaways page << click there.

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Appreciating the little things

Gathering free samples should not be frowned upon. This doesn’t mean it is an offence to gift them and we must understand the moral importance of them too. It is not a shame to receive free or gift products. This doesn’t make someone desperate or cheap. It simply means we are participating at a campaign, we are having fun in a relaxing hobby and saving money in the same time.

We must understand that free samples are beneficial for both testers and brands. Brands get exposure and testers get to see how a product is. It is basically an exchange that is good for both parties. People that like the sample might even buy it in full-size or tell about it to their friends.

I love how this hobby can make someone realize the joys of little things. That product will not make you rich but you can enjoy it and learn to appreciate. Appreciation and getting a nice feeling from receiving a gift in the mail.

Again, this hobby can also teach you to let go of the products that are not according to your style. Never gift a bad sample, but instead, for example if you receive an eye-shadow but find that the green doesn’t flaunt your skin tone, then think of a friend that will be a perfect match. Gift the sample to her or even exchange. Host sample exchange parties with friends that are also passionate about this freebies hobby.

Some people say we should never gift samples to friends and family. I disagree. I would suggest adding some with a full-size product. For example, you can buy a gift, a full-size perfume and also add a few of your received samples. However, I know people that cannot afford to buy gifts so please never judge someone that gifts you only samples, maybe it is their way of gifting something, earned on their own time and effort. Always appreciate the gesture and be thankful.

Hearing from you

This page was created with you in mind, dear reader. I want you to also receive free products and discover this new hobby, relax and get excited when receiving a new product in the mail. I appreciate your time, reading and commenting on my blog, so I want to give something back by announcing great freebies. I would love to hear that you grabbed a free sample. Let me know in the comments below which one you got, if it arrived well and if you enjoyed it. Did you discover any new brands you love from my freebies features? I will be happy for you.

Please also let me know of any questions that my article might not have answered.

I also encourage you to pin, tweet and share this page with your friends.

I hope my page will help you grab beautiful free product samples and also make you discover a new perspective on freebies!

Don’t forget to subscribe by email for the weekly round up and check this page daily for updates.




This page will only be for showing purposes. I am not responsible for the brand’s shipment or product produced. I am not responsible for any reaction or anything happening to or because of the products. Never submit your credit card information. These are selected by myself to help you and I am not sponsored by any of the mentioned brands.




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