We have all admired the beautifully toned actress Kate Hudson but did you know that while it takes hard work and ambition to look like her, it is very easy to be styled as her while doing fitness? That’s because she is the co-founder of Fabletics workout clothing, a great activewear range that has affordable prices and beautiful designs. Let me tell you how I found out.

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I was browsing for work out clothing when I saw some gorgeous images of Kate Hudson on Pinterest, that belonged to www.fabletics.co.uk. I was really curious about her sports wear and I visited the website, expecting them to cost a fortune. You can imagine my relief when I saw affordable prices, a large variation of sizes (XXS to XXL) and a friendly constructed website. I then read about the materials, they use high-performance fabrics which is amazing.

fabletics kate hudson



Now you might be wondering how can these products look amazing and still be affordable? The answer is in Kate Hudson’s philosophy. I have read her goal and understood that she has her heart in the right places with this brand, being a representation of her healthy lifestyle, her fashionable sense, being a representation of her. She wanted women to have access to fitness clothing that is both supportive, well designed, pretty and on budget.

I believe that people can sense when a celebrity is just promoting and Kate is surely not just doing that. She is involved in the creation of Fabletics as a co-founder and she has a genuine interest in it. Over 1 million people joined her VIP membership across 8 countries and that proves my point about them sensing who is genuine. If you read my blog for some time, you  know that I only present you beautiful finds and this active wear really deserves to be shared with you. Talking about that, here are some of the items on my wishlist, I am going to place an order these days after I decide which to buy (though choice, right):

fabletics range


fabletics uk collection


  1. Take their brief quiz to help them create personalized outfit recommendations fit for your lifestyle.
  2. Choose from thousands of styles, curated just for you and add them to your cart.
  3. Checkout as a Guest and come back whenever you’re ready. Or checkout as a VIP Member and shop for exceptional savings and fun perks!


I was pleasantly surprised and fell in love with the cool designs. As you can see from the pics above, they truly are beautiful. I cannot wait to receive my order!

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