Many readers have asked me ”What are all the flavours of EOS?” so today I am presenting you the complete guide to them. Including popular well-known ones plus special limited edition EOS lip balm flavours. Let’s get started.



First, I am going to tell you more about EOS (Evolution Of Smooth). They are famous for their natural lip balms, but they also have body, shaving and hand creams. They have cult favourites but also new evolution of smooth lip balm editions.



Let’s talk about the different types of EOS lip balms, starting with the fact that there are currently 8 main EOS Organic Smooth Sphere lip balm flavours plus 1 special.

eos pomegranate raspberry lip balm

EOS Pomegranate Raspberry

(delivers the perfect balance of flavor and moisture, buy here <<click)

eos strawberry sorbet lip balm

EOS Strawberry Sorbet

(a pink lip balm as delicious and refreshing as the irresistible dessert, buy here <<click)

eos summer fruit lip balm

EOS Summer Fruit  

(refreshing fruit flavors of strawberry, blueberry, and peach, buy here <<click)

eos medicated tangerine lip balm

EOS Medicated Tangerine 

(tangerine lip balm that soothes with medicated relief, buy here <<click)

eos honeysuckle honeydew lip balm

EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew 

(irresistible flavor of fresh honeydew , buy here <<click)

eos sweet mint lip balm

EOS Sweet Mint

(refreshing essence of sweet mint lip balm, buy here <<click)

eos blueberry acai balm

EOS Blueberry Acai

(filled with refreshing blueberry and acai flavors, buy here <<click)

eos passion fruit lip balm

EOS Passion Fruit

(a tropical delight with sweetly flavored passion fruit , buy here <<click)

I recommend purchasing the bundle packs for each flavour as they are the best value. There is also an option to buy just one, in the links above so you have free choice. However, if you want to test one of each, you can purchase the set here <<click. This will give you one from every scent above.

eos smooth sphere lip balm set

Stay tuned for the next part covering EOS Visibly Soft lip balms. 

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