Country kitchen ideas? What does country kitchen mean and look like? Do you need advice on how to design a rustic country kitchen, with beautiful cabinets, curtains, table and all the rustic decor? In today’s article I am going to inspire and advice you. My ideas will include both low cost and luxury option, for every budget.




Firstly, a country kitchen means two things, depending on its significance. A country kitchen definition states that it is a large kitchen that includes space for the table and chairs. Therefore, this first definition relates to the space and the organization of the room.

The second meaning of a country kitchen is its style, with it has rustic elements. It is also called a ranch style kitchen. Such a kitchen has a farm house feel to it.




What does a country kitchen look like? This type of kitchen has certain general elements which I will explain below, but it also can be personalized. Therefore, here are a few country kitchen ideas: a modern style, a traditional rustic style, a minimalist etc. IMPORTANT! Click the link here for the USA or this for Europe << to view and shop all the items that inspired this post.





Rustic kitchens do not have to be old and outdated. On the contrary, they can fit beautifully a modern space such as an industrial renovated loft. See how well the logs decorate the concrete walls. The way lighting is made to look handmade gives it a ranch style, plus the wood enhances this feeling. It feels cozy, rustic but also modern.


modern country kitchen
modern country kitchen




To create a beautiful minimalist rustic kitchen, choose furniture with clean lines. Further more, do not over-decorate. Keep the room clutter-free and simple. Add wood elements for a ranch vibe.


minimalist country kitchen
minimalist country kitchen





For small kitchens, keep the essential items. Try and arrange them so that you have space to move. Make good usage of walls by adding storage. Use as much white wood as you can, as it will make the room seem bigger.

country kitchen ideas for small kitchens
country kitchen ideas for small kitchens





What is a rustic style kitchen design? If you are thinking in creating your own ranch kitchen, you should include several characteristic. Here are the elements of a country kitchen:

  • pastel colors, white and beige
  • wood furniture
  • other wood elements such as wooden floors
  • a brick wall adds more visual warmth than concrete
  • lace window curtains
  • rural themed elements
  • floral or farm animal prints
  • vintage finish in some items
  • chandeliers and other vintage looking lighting





First of all, colors are very important for a rural kitchen. Most importantly, stay away from very dark color. In addition, stay away from very bright tones too. Further below I will give you real examples of how to use color.

If you’ve ever been into interior design, you know that a fancy kitchen always starts with a gorgeous backsplash. It’s one of the few areas in the kitchen where you can be a bit creative and find something that’s perfectly suited for your style. Like with everything else, there’s a lot to choose from in terms of colour and style. Just have a look at these acrylic splashbacks and consider what works for your budget and kitchen. If you want a ranch kitchen, opt for a subtle color as sage, light beige, white, sandstone, light grey etc. For instance, you can match your backsplash to the color of your furniture to blend it. On the other hand, you could also make it another tone for contrast.

Further more, you can opt for plank or wood cabinets. You can paint them or leave them as they are. In rustic kitchens, I love white cabinets or in soft tones. Also, you can have beautiful natural wood grain furniture, for a higher cost. Keep in mind that you can also restore furniture to create a beautiful kitchen, not just buy all new.

Talking about furniture care, cleaning is essential for a gorgeous kitchen. Start by checking out these easy kitchen hacks for quicker cleaning, and you might find yourself falling in love with your kitchen all over again – and without even spending any money on it.





Moreover, no matter what kind of colour scheme you have going on in the kitchen, you should always try to have a few plants in there as well. Plants are a great connection to the outdoors, and they relate to the country theme perfectly. Herbs, for example, will not only give your kitchen a lovely aromatic scent but it will also brighten up the room and can, of course, also give your meals that extra zest.

Keep them close to the window so that they can bask in the sun and stay alive. Have a look at this article in case you’re not too familiar with growing herbs so that you’ll be able to care for them even better.

country kitchen plants
country kitchen plants

IMPORTANT! Don’t forget that you can click the link here for the USA or this for Europe << to view my hand picked selection of items that will help you achieve a country kitchen, be it luxury kitchen, minimalist kitchen or a mix of styles. Shop there all the items that inspired this post.

Overall, follow my tips for creating a rural kitchen and also feel free to add your style too. I hope that I have inspired you with these gorgeous ideas.





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We’re currently looking at re-doing and designing our kitchen, so this post is fab, as it isn’t all that big. I’m looking to completely change the styling and these are right up my street! Thank you so much for sharing so many amazing ideas.


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Awesome article, thanks for the ideas! Yes, I love rustic kitchens


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