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What is business casual? See the definition of business casual attire, business casual dress code + easy to copy outfit ideas for women & men. In today’s article I will explain what each of them means and how you can create an office appropriate style for every season. With my tips, creating such a look will not be hard, as each outfit comes with shopping links.

You can recreate the outfits or you can add your own personal twist to them. I will also show you how to do that and not break the dress code rules. I have ideas for business casual men but also business casual women styles. Let’s get started.




The definition of business casual says that it is a fashion style to wear in the office, by men and women. It has mostly formal office fashion items but also includes casual ones. In the past, office jobs required strict dress codes but all this changed in the recent years. The strong rules of traditional business attire were replaced in some offices with what is called a more casual style.

Here comes the confusing part for most people, as the term casual relates to a very informal outfit. So how can we dress in a business casual attire and combine office and relaxed clothing without looking out of place or ridiculous? For this I will list below what you should and should not wear in such a style. Simply follow my advice and you will master this look in no time.




Let’s begin with the rules for both men and women when creating this type of attire:

  • casual doesn’t mean wearing tracking suits or sport clothing
  • do not wear an entire outfit of casual clothing, as the style must mostly include office clothes
  • do not wear clothing that could be worn on the beach
  • do not wear clothing that is too revealing or extremely tight
  • do not wear leggings, tank tops, mini or maxi skirts

Next, I will present to you outfit ideas for office attire that are a positive example.




The staple relaxed but also professional outfit is the one made from:

For cold weather, a solution to adding a cool touch to your traditional office outfit is to buy an elegant two piece suit ( and match it with a colorful shirt ( or with a print shirt. This will customize your suit showing your personality and will still keep a decent style.





business casual white blouse printed skirt outfit
business casual white blouse printed skirt outfit


In the option above, you can wear a black or white shirt and add a pencil skirt that has interesting prints. In the selection from, you can pick the ones that have prints (ignore the plain ones). I do not recommend wearing mini or maxi skirts in the office. Do not combine a printed shirt with a printed skirt as it will create a terribly matched outfit that will resemble a circus.




business casual black blouse pants outfit women
business casual outfit with black blouse and pants for women


You can wear a black, white, grey or colored shirt, along with these comfortable boot cut pants. They are great because they are not with a slim fit that would perhaps be too sexy but instead with a large fit at the ankle, for added comfort. Pair these simple items with a handbag that has an interesting embroidery, to add fun to this casual business outfit for women. Add a nice watch in the tones of the bag, for a pleasant color match.





To add a casual twist to your office outfit, add a cool t-shirt or a polo shirt and pair it to this kind of pants.


I personally recommend you to stay away from t-shirts with quotes and drawings. In the office, it is best to wear a neutral style, in order to not get political or in any kind of situation where you can offend someone. The blazer adds a touch of balance to the casual t-shirt, making the outfit office appropriate. Avoid men pants that are distressed or too tight.

Pair this outfit with a casual watch with a rubber band. Avoid wearing sneakers. Instead, you can wear suede shoes or even skate shoes, as they are casual but a bit more elegant than sneakers.

business casual outfit for men
business casual outfit for men


I hope that my advice on business casual attire will help you. Feel free to ask me questions about it in the comments below and remember these fashion rules to achieve this kind of office style effortlessly.

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