Black embroidered dresses are an elegant choice. I am going to show you style tips for all sizes, how to choose and where to buy it from.


The most important aspect of buying a black embroidered dress is quality. I am going to only recommend a reputable shop because I want the details to be amazing. Any dress that features embroidery is intricate and needs great details to look good. Each of the pieces I am going to present below are worth investing it, as this dress can be a staple item in your closet. Dresses with embroidery are timeless and you shouldn’t feel afraid of wearing them, if you follow my selection you will not end up with a ridiculous dress. Instead, there will only be dresses chosen in good taste, that I would proudly wear myself.


Now let’s look at my selection of the best black embroidered dresses, to shop simply click on each image below. or go to

This one is stunning and goes well at a cocktail party or at an elegant meeting. The embroidery really adds a special touch.

 Fashion tip: 1) Match the earrings with the color of the embroidery.


The dress above is perfect for a daring but elegant woman. Its white embroidery makes a lovely contrast on the black fabric. The sheer design is mesmerizing!

Fashion tip: 2) Do not overcrowd with jewelry as the embroidery is already in focus.


This can be a great festival dress if you are not a fan of showing too much skin. Or as a beach cover up if you like dark colors. Its sheer fabric still makes it summer friendly. The cut-out design of this black embroidered dress is amazing.

Fashion tip: 3) Choose a sheer fabric if you want to have more coverage than wearing short skirts but still look sexy.


black embroidered dress

If you have a black dress with embroidery, look at the colors used in the details. My first tip in styling it is to follow the colors in the embroidery and choose items according to them. I would suggest choosing one color and trying to match it in the shoes or purse.  My flowers feature red, yellow and silver so I paired it with my burgundy over the knee boots and my red hat.

You can, of course, just match it with black shoes and accessories, but I think that makes it less joyful. I wanted a more powerful look for this outfit, so I chose strong shades, but please select what makes you content.

embroidery dress

I think a black embroidered dress is a cool fashion piece to have. It can look formal and casual, or dressed up with the right shoes. A hat always adds a touch of elegance.

Which one is your fav black embroidery dress? Comment below

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    • Haha indeed 😀 But I am glad that you are following my blog and getting inspired, maybe you have a sister or maybe for a girlfriend or friend hehe

  1. I love the fact that embossing is used on this outfit. I think it is such a beautiful way to enhance any garment, and I hope it makes a comeback in a big way!

    • Yes, you are right, I hope it does come back. I have actually seen many dresses are starting to have embroidery so it will be a big trend next year.

  2. I really love how you chose the red boots and red hat to really bring this dress out! The red really gave this a powerful look! I love it!


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