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Hi dear ones, today I am going to present you a clever waterproof phone case that I purchased and that I think any fashionista should own. I am honestly pleased with it so let me explain how it can help you too and why it is special.

If you are like me, you probably switched between a lot of phone cases. Some were pretty, some were very good in protecting. But when going to the pool or at the beach, you need another kind of case. This is why I have purchased the best waterproof phone case, which my friends suggested to be the Kobert Waterproof Phone Case (in the USA here, for Europe and Asia here).


  1. perfect for not getting your phone wet at the pool, at the beach, when it is heavily raining or when you go skiing
  2. good for not getting annoying sand into it
  3. a nice way to protect your phone in the luggage, in case the bag gets rained on or wet
  4. because it has an armband and a lanyard, it is easy to carry it without having to hold your phone in your hands while walking if for example you do not have pockets (swimwear at the beach etc)
  5. great for jogging, as you put the armband and you can still listen to music while running
  6. if you are doing water sports and want to have your phone with you
  7. if you go swimming and do not want to leave your phone unsupervised on the towel
  8. perfect for travelling and cruising, as it can also keep your documents safe and dry
  9. it is a trendy item, also useful for all fashionistas
  10. because of the clear plastic, you will be able to take selfies near water or even underwater

As long as you close the mechanism as directed, you should not have any issues. I recommend for the first time to test the case by putting a piece of napkin in it and submerge for 30 minutes in your sink filled with water. In the rare case the item is faulty, Kobert has a full-refund policy so no worries. I tested mine and I had no problem.

Since I bought it, I realised how much peace of mind I have now at the beach, I used to stress about sand getting in my phone or about having to leave my phone in my bag while swimming. So not safe! I am very happy with my purchase and recommend it to you now, my friends were right for loving this.

This stylish phone cover is compatible with devices up to: 3.34 x 6.49 x 0.78 inch (8.5 x 16.5 x 2 cm). Big enough to fit even bigger phones or when you want to fit more than 1 item in the bag, such as your credit cards, cash, keys & phone etc. Will fit an iPhone 6s 6s Plus (Without Case) 5 5s 5c ; Samsung Galaxy s7 s7 Edge s6 s6 Edge ; Note 5 4 3 2 1 ; iPod Touch ; LG G5 G4 G3 G2 ; HTC 10 M9 M8 M7 ; Nexus 6 5 4 ; Sony Z4 Z3 Z2; Nokia ; BlackBerry ; Motorola MOTO X, G, E ; BLU phones.

Another great advantage of this is that you can use it only when needed. It fits your favourite cover and it makes it waterproof. You can open and get it out when you do not need the waterproof quality, and put it back when you do. It can be used for years, as long as you take care of it and do not use pointy, sharp objects in it.

It comes in multiple fun colors, I chose this pretty Pro Green which is actually a teal towards blue and reminds me of something tropical.


Above I have told you about uses for your own benefit, but this case it helpful for your loved ones too. You can gift it to your husband or boyfriend to take it while fishing (protect from water and dirt), to your friends and family to protect their phones in a vacation, for a teenager while raining so you can always have a working phone and contact her/him etc.

Overall I think this is one of the modern essentials and I would advise you to purchase one while they have this great offer.

You can purchase it:

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