Hi lovelies, today I am going to present you my latest find, which is by far the best curling wand I own. Join me as I present you the features of Xtava Satin Wave 5 in 1.

xtava curling wand packaging


The packaging is beautiful. It has an exterior box that is elegant and with an interesting pattern, as seen above. Inside of that box , there is another black box that opens with a magnet. I love how sleek this is, making it perfect for a gift.

xtava curling wand satin finish


There is a heat protecting pouch inside the black box. However, do not put the hot barrels inside, put them after they have cooled down, to be safe.

xtava heat protection pouch

heat protecting case curling




First of all, it has 5 different interchangeable ceramic tourmaline barrels. Some are with a clip:

best curling wand clip barrels


Some are without a clip. The kit comes with a heat resistant glove:

clipless curling barrels heat glove

This is one of the features that I think make this set the best curling wand: the different barrels, ranging from 0.3 inch to 1.25 inch give a variety of styling effects. You can do lose beach waves or tight curls and anything in between. The fact that they are interchangeable means that you will not need 5 curling wand devices, you simply switch between these barrels using the handle.



The handle of this curling kit has buttons to set the temperature lower or higher, depending on your hair type. The handle is easy to hold, at a good size. It is provided with a 360° swivel cord (8 ft.) The screen is nice and clear, making it not difficult to read the temperature. The end of this wand is where you place the desired curling barrel.

best curling wand


xtava curling device

Above you can see it while switched off: it has the screen, the plus & minus buttons and the on/off button. Below is a closeup of the locking mechanism for the curling barrels, this is a nice extra safety feature.

curling wand close mechanism


  • it has a good temperature control (from 130 to 250 degrees Celsius), perfect for fine to thick hair
  • it is easy to use so no need for complicated settings
  • has auto shut-off function which helps if you forget to turn it off (but please do not forget)
  • comes with a heat resistant glove (no more little burns to fingers)
  • includes 5 different barrels (can give you any style of curls)
  • it doesn’t get my hair tangled as it has a smooth surface
  • the ceramic tourmaline helps seal hair moisture and makes the curls shinier
  • it saves space as the barrels are interchangeable so no need to buy 5 different wands
  • eight-foot, 360-degree swivel cord (no more tangled, stiff cords)

Overall, I am really happy with this curling set. I have owned several others in the past, from different brands but they do not match this. The tourmaline barrels give a satin finish, a lot smoother and my hair doesn’t get trapped. It also makes a superb gift, it would be good for both a beginner in hair curling and even for an advanced person like myself. The packaging is luxurious, the items are well made.

I have ordered it from Amazon UK at http://amzn.to/2efCn4O which sends all over Europe. If you are in the USA or Canada, you can find it at http://amzn.to/2e9pTZl.

Do you own a curling wand? What do you think of this? Comment below

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