Hi dear readers, today I want you to relax and view my selection of beautiful flower soap gifts. I was fascinated with the way they are made, the exquisite details. To see more details about each, just click on the pink underlined links below (also to shop them).

My favourite beautiful flower soap selection:
Beautiful flower soap

Shop from >> Heathcote & Ivory Rainforest Bathing Flowers 70 g

I really enjoy the packing on all of them and I like how they keep a theme. These rainforest beautiful flower soap gift sets are indeed full of color and would look great in the bathroom, as decor, if you do not want to dissolve them in the water. They are perfect for a joyful theme. 

Beautiful pastel flower soap

Shop from >> Heathcote & Ivory Lily of the Valley Bathing Flowers in Sliding Box 85 g

The lily of the valley bathing flowers are following a more delicate theme. The pastel tones are gorgeous and they add a touch of beauty to any room.

vintage floral soap
Shop from >> Vintage & Co Fabric and Flowers Soap Flowers

The idea of a vintage theme is great! The retro packaging is on point. It reflects the flowers’ tones. The yellow gives a good contrast. Overall, it is a pleasant gift.

vintage beautiful soap flower

Shop from >> Vintage & Co Patterns and Petals Soap Flowers

This vintage version is a lot more colorful and would fit well with a person that enjoys bright tones. Really pretty tones again! The petals are nicely crafted.

rose bath flower soap

Shop from >> Heathcote & Ivory Sweet Pea and Honeysuckle Bathing Flowers in Sliding Box 85 g

This beautiful flower soap set is passionate! It would be great as a gift to your lover! Or you can surprise your girlfriend / wife by decorating a room with them, for a romantic night.

lavender pastel purple flower soap

Shop from >> Heathcote & Ivory Wild English Lavender Bathing Flowers in Sliding Box 85 g

Many people love lavender so this would be a perfect gift set for people that like the scent. The purple tones are absolutely gorgeous.

Overall, I love these sets from Heathcote & Ivory, which you can safely buy by clicking on any of the pink underlined texts above. I am still deciding which set to get, these beautiful flower soap sets are indeed all amazing.

floral soap amazing




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All r so beautiful set


Thanks, dear!


All flower set beautiful


I am glad that you like them!


All flower set is beautiful


Woow! So amazing!!




These would make lovely gifts too for Christmas especially for coworkers or hard to buy for friends who have everything!


You are right!!


Wonderful flowers of soap. Just send them all to me. Lol.


Thank you! I am glad that you like my selection. hehe


I truly love the concept for decorating your bathroom or placing a bowl! I have decided that I love Rain Forest since the colors are associated and the flowers are too! All different types of flowers and colors and so very delicate looking!


Lovely choice!!


Thanks, dear Carmela!


All of these sets are absolutely beautiful and so very hard to choose since there are so many to choose from!


You are right, dear Carmela! Very hard to choose from so many pretty things. They also seem at a good price, right?


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