Today I am going to continue sharing my interior decor tips with you. There are many styles and it is very important to have a clear idea how they mix and match.

I will present you my favourite styles of bathroom sink faucets and delight you with wonderful images. First, the amazing antique brass style. I love how these look so luxurious and really increase the value of a bathroom. They have a spa vibe and are great for any bath tub upgrade. One feature I also like about them is that they have a special bubble design inside to add air to water and therefore to save you money by needing less water to wash.


bathroom sink faucets



Another great choice for faucets are these elegant polished brass ones. They look like bells and the painting is similar to marble from a distance. They have a unique design and will surely catch the attention of guests that see your bathroom. I enjoy how they have a minimalist, yet vintage feeling to them. This piece, as the one above, fit 3 hole faucets.


polished brass faucets




For one hole faucets, I have chosen to show you this pretty design. I love the antique finish and its cute lines. It would look amazing in my bathroom. The materials are of high quality and the design is equally beautiful. Remember that the right is for cold water, while the left faucet is for hot water. So, based on our needs, you combine them. An element I also enjoy is that the company claims these are antioxidant and non-shedding, so the finish will be for long time.

brass faucet luxury


I hope I have inspired you to shop for new bathroom sink faucets, seeing these beautiful designs. You can take advantage of the nice offer they have below, it is a great option:

faucets in home