Art Naturals Eye Cream review is today’s blog post theme. I am going to present you my honest impressions of a natural eye cream (98% natural and 72% organic) I have ordered a few weeks ago. It is the Art Naturals eye wrinkles and dark circles cream called Youth Eye Gel ( found in the shop>> here). The reason why I chose to try this gel is because Art Naturals is a brand that is organic, cruelty free and fair trade, so that was very important to me.Stay tuned until the end of this article, for the before and after photographs of my progress.

You might remember this brand from my review of their argan oil in ”How I faded my stretch marks naturally” blog post.



The packaging is classy and nice. I like the blue-green tones and how well it goes with silver and white. It has a colored circular cardboard box that hosts the bottle.  The bottle itself has a pump dispenser, which is very helpful in dosing and not wasting the product. In the transparent section, you can see how much of the gel is left. This is a big plus. I find it very annoying to not be able to tell how much product is left, so this design is clever and it looks great! I think that, overall, the packaging is fab and would make a great gift because it looks nice. It also looks great on the cosmetics shelf in my house.

art naturals eye cream review



The product is a gel with a thick consistency. It is transparent and gives a refreshing feeling when put on the skin.
product closeup serum


This has a discreet scent, which is lovely. It fades away in a few minutes, so it is a perfect choice for the ones that are perfume-sensitive. It smells as something floral and delicate.

pro youth eye gel

Skin sensitivity:

I had acne in high school but now my skin is clear. I do however have sensitive skin that gets spots from most creams, if they are not well made or natural. Now that my skin is acne-free (my method coming soon in a blog post) and I want to keep it this way, I am careful in what I test. With Art Naturals being an organic, fair trade brand, it was an important step in having faith for searching for new creams for my skin. It did not break me out and it didn’t make my skin red. However, everyone’s skin is different, so you have to test it yourself to see if it is good for you too. But, from my own experience with it, I would gladly recommend it, as I do get breakouts from most commercial creams and this one didn’t at all.


How to apply:

The Youth Eye Gel can be applied to clean, dry skin. I use a cleanser as the Garnier Micellar water (USA shop / Europe shop) to remove dust and sebum with a 100% pure cotton pad ( buy from the US here/ Europe here). Then I let it dry for 10 minutes and apply a small drop of gel to my under eye area, splitting it in half on my little finger.  After that, I let it dry again for a few minutes and apply my usual moisturizer.

artnaturals eye serum review

Effects of this eye cream:

So far, I have seen that it makes my under eye area a bit brighter. It is deeply hydrating and it makes a great makeup base so that the concealer stays better. As you can see from my before pic, I do not suffer from big dark circles but they were showing up a little. After 2 weeks, they are gone! I can say that it improved the brightness of the area, it made my eyes look more rested and it improved my fine lines a bit. Again, I am in my twenties so I do not have big wrinkles, just fine lines which were improved. It surely makes a different when I do not use it, my skin is drier. Most importantly, it didn’t make my eyes red or irritate them as some eye gels do. Just make sure to not get it in your eyes, it is for the skin only. I am pleased with its effects and I think that the price is reasonable too, under 20 pounds.

before after eye serum

You can shop this eye gel in Europe from >> here

Art Naturals can be seen in the USA >> here and in Europe >> here.

Do you use an eye serum? What do you think of this one? Comment below







Gorgeous pics! Hmm I do not use an eye cream but seeing your before and after … I think I must 😉


It does make a difference, glad it worked


Thank you!


I love your way of explaining and the photos are simply amazing, you manage to make an eye serum look fab! Yes,I do use a serum but I might try this one too, seems good.


Thank you!

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