Amiclubwear reviews: is the shipping from China? Are there Amiclubwear coupons for shoes and dresses? Returns? Read here if they are a scam. Is their website legit or a big scam? I am going to answer that and much more: is it true to size? Are Amiclubwear shoes of good quality? Is it safe to order? Where is the warehouse located and how much is the shipping? Read my honest blog review of my shoes purchase with them to find out.




I love high heels and I own many pairs from different brands. One day, while browsing the Internet I saw an ad for Amiclubwear shoes and asked myself if they are genuine or a scam. I read Amiclubwear reviews online but opinions were divided, so I decided to place one order from them and see for myself, with a high heel over-the-knee boots that were made of denim. They looked nice in the website’s photos and I was excited to receive them.

After waiting for over a month to get them, as the Amiclubwear warehouse location is in the US and I ordered to Europe, I received the boots. You can below the before (photo from their website) and after (me trying the Amiclubwear boots). From the low quality I believe that the items are made in China but I will explain more below about where Amiclubwear shoes and dresses are made.


amiclubwear scam




I want to discuss in this article about Amiclubwear reviews. I believe they are not a legit online store. What a disappointment! I can say that from my experience, they make the most uncomfortable shoes ever. They did not look as in the photo (much darker shade, horrible creasing design) and there was no way I could walk in them. My feet hurt when I walked just a few steps because the shoe sole design was so badly made. I own many pairs of high heels and I do know how to walk in them, but the ones from Amiclubwear were unbearable, a true foot torture! The only option was to throw them away.

  • How are Amiclubwear shoes? They are not true to size, they are cheaply made and very uncomfortable.
  • Where does Amiclubwear ship from? They ship from the USA, but the products are made in China.
  • Where can I find Amiclubwear coupons? They always have some coupons codes on their main website page, in the upper part.
  • Are Amiclubwear returns easy? No, they have one of the worst return policies. I will explain more below.



amiclubwear reviews honest



In my opinion, here is my honest review of them:

  • they are not true to size. I ordered correctly and they came way too big
  • they are not comfortable shoes
  • the shoes design is of poor quality, they looked glued
  • the customer service did not even reply so a return was not possible.





As I have said above, they always seem to promote one or two coupon codes on their online shop. As the quality is so low, I would not even dare to shop again from them. The coupons do not make up for the bad quality.





As I have said before in my article about Amiclubwear reviews, they do not mention where they buy their stock from on their website, they just say they ship from Los Angeles where they have the Amiclubwear warehouse location. They mentioned that they buy their products from cheap places, to justify the low prices. In an interview at the owner said she was born in China and that she “sourced her clothes from her native land”, meaning China. Another clue of the fact that they buy from China, is that I really doubt that the USA standards would permit such an awful pair of shoes to be made in America. In conclusion, Amiclubwear is made in China but is shipped from the USA.




At first, I did want to return my shoes, but even after many messages, noone from customer service replied. So I just had to throw them away. Since then, I read more carefully the Amiclubwear return policy and they do not provide returns for:

  • Sale items
  • Special price/discounted price items
  • Costumes
  • Clearance items
  • Door busters
  • Accessories
  • Any items priced at $12.99 and under.

They provide a 30 days return policy for items that are not on sale and not in the above categories. Which is actually ridiculous as most items (if not all) are on sale, just look at the first results for Amiclubwear shoes or dresses and you will notice the price is cut, meaning a sale. Even worst, they say on their website that the refund will be in store credit, so they make you buy from them again instead of paying in your Paypal or credit card account.


amiclubwear reviews





Overall I think that buying from them really is a bad idea. This is my personal opinion. You might have more luck than me and get a nice pair but that really is a big gamble.

Instead, what I now do with my hard earned money: I buy shoes from Amazon (you can too at if you live in the USA / at if you live in Europe). Amazon has great prices, the latest trend, a good return policy and they always reply in customer service so spare yourself a shopping headache and avoid Amiclubwear.

Further more, I love the Amazon Fashion store as it is full of nice items of good quality, and it provides inspiration (at for the USA/ at for Europe).

You can also save a lot of money shopping for clothing and shoes if you have an Amazon Prime membership



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Thanks for your sharing. I’ll be careful with their products. I like shopping online and I’ve met so many stores like this.


Oh I had a bad experience with them too, very very cheaply made

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