Amazon Prime trial & membership: what is Amazon Prime? is it worth it? how much is it? What movies, free delivery, apps, TV, Kindle books, Amazon channels, Twitch and other benefits does it have? Learn today everything about it in my easy explanations + how to get the free trial.



First of all, I really encourage you to take the Amazon Prime trial that is free for 30 days. (I will show you the links at the end of this article) as you can cancel anytime. This enables you to try the full membership and see for yourself. I did that too at the start and got excited with all the benefits. I will show you my experience with Amazon Prime trial and why I choose to keep it. In this article, I am going to tell you my honest opinion if the membership is worth it.

One thing that people message to ask me about very often: what is Amazon Prime, is Amazon Prime free and is Amazon Prime worth it?  Let’s get into deeper info and see below what is Amazon Prime all about, plus how to sign up for the Amazon Prime trial.


what is amazon prime trial




The most known are the shipping perks, but there are other cool benefits, which are a big money-saver for your entire family. Here is how I save a lot of money monthly, even if I pay the annual fee. Both the USA and the UK memberships are pretty similar, and where they are different, I will mention it below. The best way to subscribe is to the one that is in your country, so if you are American you can get Amazon Prime USA and if you live in the United Kingdom, you can get Amazon Prime UK. I honestly encourage you to read each of my tips:

  • Save money while watching blockbusters movies and popular TV shows: If you love watching movies and are subscribed to a streaming service or have cable, really think about cancelling that. I did because there was no point in paying for it since the Prime membership has over 64000 videos, over 12000 quality movies and TV shows (comedy, romance, action & adventure, drama, children & family, animation, crime, fantasy, thriller, historical, horror and science fiction) which I can watch on many devices (smart TV, blue-ray player, fire and normal tablet, iOS phone, Android phone, game console, streaming media player). I really enjoy that besides well known titles, it has over 100 exclusives and original series as: The vikings season 5, The grand tour, Outlander, The marvelous miss Maisel (winner of 2 Golden Globes) etc. Prime Video is available to watch instantly on all streaming devices I mentioned above. You can download your favourite Prime videos on your mobile or tablet to watch on the go, and there is no Wi-Fi needed. Both USA and UK memberships have this included.


  • Save money with shipping while ordering: For Amazon Prime UK there is no extra cost for: One-Day Delivery, Priority Delivery, Standard Delivery, Expedited Delivery, Same-Day Evening Delivery to eligible postcodes, Nominated Day Delivery. For Amazon Prime USA, besides the above, you also get in-home delivery on millions of eligible items with the Amazon Key In-Home Kit. These free shipping benefits really help me save money with each order, compared to ordering without the Prime membership. This is amazing because people that are not Amazon Prime members would have to pay each time for delivery and it really adds up when purchasing items. Now maybe you think that you shop rarely so it is not worth the membership but I am going to show you how to take advantage of all the offers and do most of your grocery and everyday items shopping from Amazon and save money.


  • Save money with grocery shopping: We all do grocery shopping anyway so why not save time and money? I started doing most of my grocery on Amazon as I get one day free delivery, receive the items at my door (no more carrying heavy bags) and it is really easy to find lots of items in the same shop (no more getting lost in the aisles and wasting time searching in the supermarkets). Besides saving me money on free shipping, it also has great prices. I personally think that a lot of products have amazing prices on Amazon (both USA and UK) and moreover, they have special Prime members deals and early access, so that is a further smart reason to shop there. No more missing on that cool offer.


  • Save money while listening to music: We all listen to music and like to hear good tracks. What about listening to a library of over 2 million songs on any device? Or listening to curated playlists and stations? That is another perk included in my membership, besides unlimited skips and offline listening. I love being able to have access to so many good songs. Did I tell you that they are ad-free? Another great thing there. This benefit is for Amazon Prime UK and USA.


  • Save money while reading books & magazines: You can read a great selection of over a thousand books, magazines, Audible narration, Kindle singles and more. If you love reading, this is a good point to get the Prime membership, as this is for both the USA and UK. Plus, you do not need to own a Kindle, as you will get a special free app that works on your iOS or Android phone.


  • Save money while gaming: Are you or a loved one a gamer? Then Prime is a smart choice. It includes free in-game loot every month, plus exclusives, surprises, ad-free viewing, a free Twitch Channel subscription. There is also a discount on pre-order box games.


  • Save money while storing your precious photos: How many times did we run out of storage space on our phones or laptops? What about the times when we wanted to save our photo memories online and saw how expensive and complicated services are? No more of those problems, because both the UK and USA versions of Prime have unlimited photo storage. Plus, you can share it with 5 family members or friends. Finally I can keep all my memories safe in one place and do that without expenses.


Overall, I think that Amazon Prime (regardless of being from being Amazon Prime USA or Amazon Prime UK) is a smart way of actually saving money for your family and yourself. Basically you can stop paying TV subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, books memberships, music streaming memberships and just pay the Amazon Prime one instead. It really is a clever way to have all the things that you enjoy doing and still not spending a fortune on so many different services. And you manage it all easily from one Amazon account. I personally think it is good and it really saves you a lot of money, even with the monthly or annual fees, which are low. Depending on where you live, you can opt in for the American Amazon Prime membership or the UK one. Why not give it yourself a try for a few days with the Amazon Prime trial, free for 30 days, you have nothing to lose!


For Amazon Prime UK: You can get a free 30 days trial at It unlocks immediate access to all the Amazon Prime UK benefits below and more. After your free trial, Amazon Prime price for UK is just £8/month (or 79 pounds a year, meaning £6.58). If Amazon Prime isn’t for you, rest assured that you can cancel at any time.


For Amazon Prime USA: You can start your free 30 days trial at After your trial ends, the Amazon Prime price for the USA membership is just 13 dollars (or just a little over 8 dollars if you pay the annual 99 dollars fee). You can cancel it anytime, if you wish.

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I loved your tips! I just subscribed now, excited to start saving

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