A4 waist challenge: if you wonder what it is and if it can be dangerous, please read my article, where I will explain further about it. There has been an increase in the number of girls that pose with an A4 paper on their waist. Maybe you have wondered why are they doing it? It is a challenge meant to show that fitting in that size equals with being slim.




The A4 waist challenge is a new Asian trend has been present online for some time. Girls pose with an A4 paper on their waist to show how small it is. This has been viewed as actually showing low esteem as in feeling the need for validation online by showing fitting into certain dream standards. Others have just seen this challenge as fun or as showing off. Some people even suggested is helping them feel proud of their bodies.




In the following paragraphs I want to expand talking about the side that claims to make other girls that do not fit into the A4 waist standard feel inferior or shamed. I do think that it is important to give you good advice on body image confidence. Each person has a different body type so please keep that in mind before feeling bad for not being up to certain standards from all sorts of challenges.

I personally think that this challenge does not have a goal of shaming, instead I assume that the girls doing it want to simply show that feature of their bodies and they are free to do so.

First of all, Asian girls usually have a small bone frame. This enables most of them to fit in these challenges. They are also mostly thin by genes. With this said, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t pretty if your waist is larger than the A4. Taller people do have a bigger bone structure or maybe you are a petite person with a wider frame. This should not discourage you, the important thing is to be healthy and happy with yourself. You can exercise and have a healthy meal plan but do not do this to keep up with an Internet challenge, you have to want to be healthy for yourself and for your loved ones.

This post is not to offend the people taking this challenge. Everyone has a choice and a right to free will. I just wanted to point out that young girls might feel low confidence for maybe not fitting in certain standards.

The BBC has written an interesting article interviewing some of the girls that took this challenge. Also Mashable, TechInsider and Popsugar  explained this trend, while other bloggers as the lovely Shannon from AnytimeFitness talked about the negative side of it.

a4 waist challenge

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  1. This is quite shocking to read. Growing up, I never felt pressure to be skinny and I hope my girls feel the same, although times change and my eldest daughter is 13 which is such an impressionable age

    • I can understand that, you are right. I do hope more people will talk about this issue and raise awareness. Girls are sensitive to the media and they should be encouraged to have body confidence.

  2. Oh dear, I dread to think what size sheet of paper I would need! Seriously though, I think we do need to love our bodies not try to make them a one size fit all via some silly fad.

    • Thank you for the encouraging words, dear Heather! You are right, there should be more body confidence promotion, we all are different.

  3. How awful I think there is too much pressure on young girls these days and they need there self confidence boosting in other ways

  4. It deeply saddens me to know this. My 14 year old neice recently just had a breakdown because she wasn’t feeling up to the “standards”. The young girls today are constantly battling against negatives. Curves are the most beautiful attribute on a woman, why can’t we all just accept Curves.

    • So sorry to hear about your niece, I hope she feels better now :hugs: Yes, think people must embrace body diversity, there are people that are naturally thin and some naturally curvy, so we must embrace and accept all. Thank you for your feedback!

  5. I hate to hear that there is a challenge like this. I wish that teens could learn to love themselves for who they are because they are far more than a size. As an adult, I get that now. It took me a long time to accept who I am and love myself.

    • Indeed, I feel the same way too now. Young girls are influenced and it is important to have a good guidance for self-esteem.

  6. It is such a shame that there are challenges out there like this. In this day and age girls need to know that you are beautiful no matter what size you are. Although I know it is hard, you have to love yourself first. Learn to accept who you are and be comfortable with that. As I grow older I am realizing more and more that it is not the world view that matters, it is me that matters. I have to learn to love myself first. I wish we could see more in helping teens see that.

  7. I agree and although I am not familiar with this challenge whatsoever, I still feel that one should be realistic in their approach in finding a positive self image! Thank you for your article

    • Thanks, dear Carmela. You are right, Thank you too for reading my articles! I was seeing more and more of these challenges and thought to write a bit about them, maybe it can help someone to not be influenced.


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