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by - October 14, 2019

Homeowners can easily spend thousands of dollars renovating their kitchen. Perhaps you don’t want to commit to the process or you’d like to take it one step at a time. Thankfully, you can rejuvenate your kitchen without taking on an expensive and time-consuming project. All you need to do is to upgrade your kitchen decor with some trendy colors and patterns. Check out our list of stylish ways to upgrade your kitchen decor.


Replacing your countertops is the easiest way to freshen up your kitchen. There are several different types of natural stone countertops to choose from. It’s important to consider your lifestyle and budget before making a decision.

Marble is a sought-after stone that offers beautiful patterns of white, grey, and black. It’s a great stone for those who love to bake because it’s naturally cool. It takes some maintenance for upkeep but it will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Marble averages around $60 per square foot. You can find more information about marble countertop costs in this in-depth guide. Granite and quartz are two other popular choices for natural stone countertops. Both come in a wide variety of colors, including browns, greens, and blues. Both can handle high temperatures and can take a beating in the kitchen. This makes granite and quartz perfect for young families. Granite is priced around $40 to $60 per square foot while quartz averages between $50 to $60 per square foot.


Let’s focus on the walls. House painting colors are an important design chapter. Adding a pop of color is another easy way to completely change your kitchen’s look. Painting your walls and cabinets with the same color will offer a trendy monochromatic look. If that’s too much color, you can find complementing colors for both your walls and cabinets.

Wallpaper is a great way to temporarily add a pattern or color without committing to paint. You can find different patterns and colors at your home decor store or online. Most sheets of wallpaper are also easy to install yourself.


Did you inherit some gorgeous china from a relative? Or do you have some glass vases that you admire? Remove the doors to your cabinets for a chance to show off your dinnerware. You’ll have to keep your cabinets organized but it can be a fun way to add more colors and patterns to your kitchen.

Did you decide to keep your cabinet doors? Replacing hardware is an easy way to freshen up your kitchen. You can find different finishes and styles depending on your overall look and design of the kitchen. Make sure to count all of your knobs and pulls before placing an order. You might even want to consider ordering a few extra pieces.

There’s no need to replace your kitchen appliances if you are looking for a quick decor upgrade. You can add new life to your current appliances by adding vinyl panels. You can find different patterns and colors to match your new theme and palette. Vinyl is available in home decor stores or you can have something made by a professional.

You can also purchase a paintable stainless steel finish to give your appliances the look of stainless steel without purchasing a new oven or refrigerator. It’s an easy way to get the look without spending thousands of dollars.

This is a great option for those who didn’t replace the countertops. You can freshen up your kitchen’s look by upgrading the backsplash near your countertops and kitchen sink. You can choose from several different materials like tile, glass, or vinyl. Some simply peel and stick to the wall, meaning you can easily update or upgrade over time.


Lighting is one of the most important components in your kitchen. Besides the obvious need for light, adding different fixtures can completely alter the look of your kitchen. Purchase a chandelier to add some luxury to your kitchen. If that’s too much pomp and circumstance, consider pendant lights or hanging bulbs. You can check out Diyza for more tips and information on this. You can really get creative with the fixtures.

If you are lucky enough to have plenty of natural lighting in your kitchen, be sure to utilize it. Dress up your windows with stylish curtains or shutter-style blinds.

This is a great suggestion for those with limited storage space. Consider adding a sconce to your kitchen. This shelf allows you to hang pots and pans from overhead. Not only will this save room in your cabinets but it allows you to show off your cookware. Copper sets look gorgeous while suspended in the air. It’s also a great excuse to upgrade your cookware set.

Don’t allow smaller appliances to clutter your counters. Use the space saved with your sconce to place toasters, blenders, and food processors tucked away in the cabinets. This is a chance to show off your gorgeous counters, backsplashes, or decorated walls.

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