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by - July 26, 2019

Window blinds don’t have to be dull. Gone are the days when blinds used to be boring. Today’s blinds are exquisite and stylish. They can be chic and sophisticated if you know what to look for. Plus, there are even cordless kid friendly blinds for homes with children.


There are many style of window blinds and today I am going to show you the best 4 top trends.


The floral pattern is the new black, in window blinds. Large, bright flowers with exaggerated sizes are taking the world by storm. Whether you like soft colors or lean towards color blocking, floral fabrics are the way to go.

As roman and roller blinds use fabrics, floral fabrics can be used here. This fabric will instantly brighten up any dull room. You can also use it as the anchor around which you center you room’s theme. Rest assured, you will not regret buying floral fabrics for your blinds.

I would recommend them especially for a feminine bedroom, with a modern style in blush pink.


The days of the classic black and white blinds are long gone. Color is all the rage now. You can choose from a variety of options but blush pink and ochre yellow appear to be quite popular.

2019 has seen both these colors rise in popularity. You can use these colors for the fabric of your window blinds. They go very well with roller and roman blinds.

Use blush pink if you’re aiming for soothing and gentle tones. Choose ochre yellow if you want a more bright and creative feel to your room. You can decide to use solid colors or experiment a little with basic patterns.

Whatever you decide, these colors will definitely be a hit. However, make sure to pick a color that goes well with the overall look of your home. It should blend well with other elements in the room and not stand out like a sore thumb.


Caring for the environment is very important and eco-friendly blinds are here to help you do just that. These wooden blinds are made from wood collected from sustainable trees. This keeps environmental damage to a minimum.

If you cringe at the thought of plastic and metal harming the environment, these blinds are the way to go. Not only do they look gorgeous, they will also give you the satisfaction of having done the right thing.


Pretty much everything has been simplified in the modern world and blinds are no different. Blinds can now be controlled using a simple switch or button. Some companies have even developed ways of controlling blinds using your smartphone. With a single touch, you can open and close your blinds. Not only is this super convenient, but it is also pretty cool as well.

The blinds open and shut seamlessly. You will no longer need to worry about any hitches while operating the blinds. This is why motorized blinds are a huge hit among buyers and the technology can easily make your home look more expensive.

These are the top trends in window blinds at the moment. Experiment with our top picks and let us know how it goes.


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