17 Oud Mosaic perfume review: what does it smell like? what are Oud Mosaic’s ingredients? Discover all about this fragrance from Banana Republic, in my extensive review. Please read below to find out information about its top, middle and base notes, along with sillage and longevity, plus other interesting facts.




First of all, here is a brief history of this perfume. The brand Banana Republic created the ICON fragrance collection in May 2017. It started with 5 fragrances, each available in 75ml and 15ml: Vintage Green, Pure White, Leather Reserve, Black Platinum and Oud Mosaic. Furthermore, 3 new fragrances were added in May 2018: Linen Vetiver, Cypress Cedar and Neroli Woods.

Secondly, the ICON collection takes its roots in cultural diversity, trends and the stories of each decade. The niche-inspired fragrances each have their unique scent combinations and tales. In contrast, the glass bottles and the packaging are kept simple, letting the fragrance inside express individuality.

Regarding packaging, as seen in my photograph below, Oud Mosaic comes in a beautiful and elegant black box with a drawer style opening. I love the clean lines and the monochromatic design. Furthermore, the transparent bottle reveals the perfume in an unisex visual. This is in harmony with the fragrance’s international appeal.

17 oud mosaic perfume review
17 Oud Mosaic perfume review


Most importantly, what I love most about the packaging beyond its elegant minimalist, is that it allows the wearer to explore his or her imagination. Notably, it is a blank black canvas for the perfume’s owner to interpret the scent with a unique personal vision.





Accordingly, Oud Mosaic represents the global culture, the blending of scents from Europe, America, Asia and beyond. Moreover, award winning perfumer Claude Dir is proud of its creation. He describes it as “a scent for our shared global future: a mosaic of internationally-beloved aromas, bringing together the fruity notes we love in America and Western Europe, combined with the smoky woody warmth of oud that is necessary in the Middle East, along with the delicate floral freshness that is expected in Asia.”

First of all, I will explain the name meaning of Oud Mosaic. Oud is a very popular scent and its definition depends on the region. In the Arab world, it is synonymous with Agarwood, a dark fragrant wood which is one of the most expensive natural resources on Earth. In the Western regions, it is referred to as the resin or extract from Agarwood. Therefore, combining the perfumer’s quote that the fragrance is a mosaic of aromas and adding the name of one of its main ingredients Oud, the number 17 from Banana Republic was named.





Secondly, I would like to describe the scent of Oud Mosaic by Banana Republic. Imagine a huge bazaar from the Middle East, with all its spices. You walk through it, while the White pepper, Cardamom and Saffron stimulate your senses. You walk and walk, in the small crowded streets, fascinated by all the interesting ingredients sold, until you reach a dark perfumed door made of Agarwood. The gorgeous scent captivates you as you slowly open it. Further along, behind it, there is an endless field of roses. Plum trees scattered through are full of delicious fruits. Such a beautiful journey to discover new places …

This is of course an imaginative description of the perfume, from what symbolic journey it inspires me.


oud mosaic banana republic scent
Oud Mosaic Banana Republic scent





Most noteworthy, 17 Oud Mosaic’s top notes are based on White pepper, Cardamom and Plum. If you remember, another scent with plum that I talked about was in my Bvlgari Goldea The Roman Night Absolute review. Compared to that fragrance, Oud Mosaic is more masculine, spicy and leather scented. Subsequently, the middle notes in the Banana Republic 17 contain Turkish rose, Labdanum (rich brown resin from a western Mediterranean flower) and Saffron (a condiment). Lastly, the base notes include Oud, Amber and Musk.


banana republic oud mosaic perfume
Banana Republic Oud Mosaic perfume


For the most part, the scent of this Eau de Parfum is woody and spicy. Even if it is marketed as unisex, I view it as mostly masculine because of the strong White pepper scent. I will personally gift this to my dad, for Christmas. It has a classic fragrance, not mysterious, not sensual. I recommend it as a great gift for a relative or a friend. Sprayed in moderate quantities, it can be a good perfume to wear at the office, to events or simply for everyday wear.

It can be purchased from the official Banana Republic stores and online at The Fragrance Group.




This Eau de Parfum has a strong sillage. You should apply with care, even 1 spray is enough. Longevity is moderate, lasting for 3-4 hours.


17 oud mosaic perfume
17 Oud Mosaic perfume





All watermarked photographs & text are my creations ⒸThe Daily Fashion Inspiration.


I have seen this perfume on Instagram (on another blogger’s account) but it did not catch my eye. But your photos are really special, you captured this perfume in a new and way more elegant light. You should really be hired as a campaign photographer. Have you ever thought in becoming a pro photographer?


Thank you so much for the wonderful words! I would love to do that too!



Are the photos yours? You really have talent, to make a simple bottle look so stunning. I love the decor, the mood, the quality of the images and your wording.

You are my fav perfume blogger because you never write short and silly reviews.


Thank you for the lovely words.. Yes, the photographs are created by me personally.


Stunning dewcription of this perfume


Thank you!


I love you complex review.

PS are the photos yours? They are amazing!!!


Yes, indeed. All photos above are taken by me personally. Thank you for the nice words!


Please make the reviews for the entire collection! This is so detailrd and well made.


Will you review all the Icon collection?


I love reading your perfume reviews. I think you have one of the best perfume blogs. It made me put this on the wishlist.


Hmmm you made me curious, I think I will order one soon to gift it to my father


Recenziile tale sunt superbe!


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