Ever wondered where to find a boho-chic dress that is in a lovely pink pastel shade? (Boho means here that the dresses have an airy feeling thanks to the flowing style of the bottom part. The rhinestones add sparkles, making these dresses suitable for prom ) No worries, I have gathered the best 10 dusty … Continue Reading

Hi dear ones, you know that I like discovering new stores and today I want to talk to you about long colorful homecoming dresses by an international shop focusing on bridal and party wear. They have pretty wedding dresses, in a few selected styles. The prices range from 100 to 300 dollars. Their sizes usually … Continue Reading

Simple and elegant boho dresses are not easy to find so today I am presenting you my favourite designs recently. I have selected them from a website that sells internationally and even has petite sizes. I was searching the petite maxi dresses section and I stumbled upon gorgeous fabrics. They have over 7000 types. Here … Continue Reading