Weddings on the beach are beautiful but more rare, making choosing the right dress a bit more difficult. If you are considering such a venue or just like to see pretty wedding dresses, stay tuned for my gorgeous selection from Long train beach wedding dress The first selected item is a long train lace … Continue Reading

Ever wondered where to find a boho-chic dress that is in a lovely pink pastel shade? (Boho means here that the dresses have an airy feeling thanks to the flowing style of the bottom part. The rhinestones add sparkles, making these dresses suitable for prom ) No worries, I have gathered the best 10 dusty … Continue Reading

Hi lovely ones, let’s relax today and view the most beautiful  vintage wedding dresses from Aisle Style UK. Even if we are not into any bridal preparation, I find it a pretty activity and a good inspiration for the future.   I recently discovered Aisle Style UK and I am fascinated with the beautiful details in the dresses. … Continue Reading