Ever wondered why so many brands choose to work with bloggers? As the owner of a successful fashion and beauty blog (I have reviewed over 100 products in a year) I will explain the benefits and show you tips. Also read more of my fashion blog collaboration terms too.

Fashion blog collaboration benefits for brands:

  1. You are presenting your products to a new, enthusiastic audience.
  2. This new audience is targeted, making it even more valuable. You know readers from a fashion blog are obviously interested in fashion.
  3. Choose a fashion blog collaboration with a blogger that has an email list of subscribers, like myself. I have currently almost 3000 email subscribers and it is one of my great assets. An email list is much more powerful than Facebook pages, as email reach is much higher than a post. A social media post can be easily missed, the email arrives directly in the inbox.
  4. Bloggers that are online for years have built a community and you will introduce your products to it, increasing your sales.
  5. Always choose a blogger that takes high quality images because they will represent your brand. Excellent images will make your brand stand out and look its best, again increasing sales.
  6. A talented creative will style your products in an amazing way.
  7. If the blogger is SEO savvy, like myself, it can create a post that will be search engine friendly, making your brand easier to find for people.
  8. For an ever-green post, also promote in Pinterest. If your blogger is talented with Pinterest graphics, she/he will create an interesting post with your products, that people will love to repin. I have done this with brands and have viral pins. This means even more promotion for your brand.
  9. By choosing a smart blogger, you can get feedback on your product. I will make relevant suggestions to help brands or Etsy shops improve their products. An expert set of eyes is always a great addition to a brand.
  10. I recommend working  with medium size bloggers, not small and not huge. Small audience means no engagement and huge audience means they will ask for high payment besides the free product. My audience level at 14000 a month is perfect as it reaches a lot of people while still enabling me to interact with my readers.
  11. Collaborating by blogger outreach is much cheaper than paying an agency, and if done with talented people, it can create even better results.
  12. You are getting professional photographs that otherwise would cost thousands if you paid a photographer.
  13. By being mentioned in social media, you will increase your own profiles as readers will check them out and follow your brand if they like it. I have a popular fashion Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest besides my blog so my reach is greatly expanded.
  14. I always create an interesting way of story telling around a product, so when sending me something to review, you also get my honest thoughts presented in an attention grabbing format.
  15. By giving me the chance to take photographs, you are showing people that you believe in and trust your brand.
  16. People have more confidence in bloggers they relate to than into brands directly. Bloggers’ recommendations influence the market and help sales.
  17. As a reader, people see how an items looks like in the blogger’s photographs, increasing the chances of buying it.
  18. You give your brand or shop the opportunity to be easily discovered.
  19. When readers are interested, they click towards your website or shop, bringing valuable traffic towards you.
  20. You can develop a beautiful work relationship with talented people on a gifting basis, that will dramatically increase the influence of your brand.

I am currently open for fashion blog collaborators. If you are a brand or if you have an Etsy shop, I would love to hear from you! I accept fashion, beauty and jewelry products. I also accept different services for unboxings. Feel free to contact me below and I will get back to you in 24 hours, if your products match my style.

Fashion blog collaboration terms :

As a brand or shop owner, after emailing me and showing me your website or store, we can agree of which one/ones to review for a fashion blog collaboration. After receiving the products, if they are as described and if I am honestly happy with them, I will take professional photographs. I will promote on my blog in a unique post and also on my social media channels.

Most of my reviews have over 100 comments from my active readers as in my Soufeel tropical bracelet review or in my floral jumpsuit review.

Complete the form below to book your fashion blog collaboration review, hurry as places go quickly! First come, first served! (No profanity, nudity websites allowed)

There are also numerous reputable articles that approve the fact that talented bloggers are amazing influencers. In a research from Nielsen, it was showing that 92% of blog readers trusted a third party more than the direct brand recommendations. Multiple agencies also agreed that there are good reasons why working with a cool blog can increase engagement for the brand.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,



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